Category: Communications

Communications Getting Wired
2004 Feb Getting Wired

In restaurants. On the street. In taxicabs and elevators. Technology is everywhere and its presence seems to be growing with each passing day. It's everywhere, and it assists us with just about everything. As we become more reliant on its …

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Communications Web-Crawling
2004 Feb Web-Crawling

Most of us make some use of the Internet on a daily basis, whether we use it as part of our regular job, or to just make our everyday life easier by reading newspapers online, downloading driving instructions, shopping for a perfect gift, …

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Communications Staking Your Co-op's Claim on the Internet
2002 Oct Staking Your Co-op's Claim on the Internet

Co-op and condo boards are charged with maximizing the value of their shareholders' and unit-owners' real estate investments. Year after year, these boards diligently replace aging equipment, refurbish lobbies, clear up code violations, …

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Communications Going Interactive
2002 May Going Interactive

To paraphrase Neil Armstrong; one four-letter, top-level domain for the Internet, and one giant leap for cooperative organizations was inaugurated January 30, 2002, when co-op leaders from around the world gathered in Lower Manhattan to …

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Communications Rooftop Money-Makers
2001 May Rooftop Money-Makers

Beyond collecting monthly maintenance payments, co-ops and condos are always searching for creative methods of generating discretionary income. Renting out excess parking areas and installing storage lockers for rental are two ways to boost…

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Communications Online Communities
2000 Jun Online Communities

By now, it is evident that the Internet is to our generation what the West was to our founding fathers–a vast land of opportunity to explore and cultivate. The World Wide Web has already established itself as a place to obtain information, …

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Communications Surviving Y2K
2000 Apr Surviving Y2K

As the clock ticked down on December 31, 1999, the world could not help but watch with at least a little trepidation. But when the ball dropped in Times Square and the new year officially arrived, nothing happened except a huge celebration.…

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Communications The Emergence of Technology
2000 Mar The Emergence of Technology

Back in 1995 I barely knew what the Internet was. No one knew that it would do more than anything to change homebuying process since the classified ad. Our little website experiment called has grown bigger than The Corcoran Gro…

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Communications Digital Digs
2000 Dec/Jan Digital Digs

Never before have there been so many ways to become "wired" in The Big Apple. Innovative companies are readying New York City’s co-ops and condos for the new millennium by making state-of-the-art electronic amenities a mere click away from …

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Communications Don't Be Left In The Dark
1999 Nov Don't Be Left In The Dark

The recent onslaught of millennium madness has made Y2K a household term. Once just the concern of computer aficionados and a select few with technological foresight, Y2K is now a universal problem. In fact, Y2K has become such a prevalent …

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