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Law & Legislation Information about Estate planning and old glasses.
When a Shareholder Dies

Like dental work and filing income taxes, estate planning is not something most people typically enjoy - and is often put off till it’s too late. This reporter’s own father - who sold life insurance for a living - did not purchase cemetery …

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On The Board Presentation, Convention Concept. Portrait of smiling international people participating in seminar at modern office, raising hands up to ask question or to volunteer, diverse group sitting at tables
2023 August Resources for Multifamily Boards

Serving on the board of directors of a co-op, condo, or HOA can be a daunting undertaking, but there are numerous resources available to get new members up to speed and to inform seasoned members of the latest products, services, laws, and …

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Law & Legislation Harassment in its Many Forms and Types
Dealing With Harassment

While occasional annoyances and interpersonal friction are simply part of the cost of communal living, some behaviors cross the line from minor nuisance into legitimate harassment. Knowing the difference is important—but it can be tricky to…

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Law & Legislation The Statue of Justice - lady justice or Iustitia, Justitia the Roman goddess of Justice.
2023 June Roundup: Recent & Pending Legislation

Like the physical neighborhoods around them, the legislative and legal landscape surrounding New York’s co-op and condo communities is constantly evolving. While some changes are hailed as wins for boards and the residents they govern, othe…

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