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Board Member 101 The SHIELD Act

Last summer, Governor Cuomo signed into law the Stop Hacks and Improve Electronic Data Security (SHIELD) Act, which requires all businesses and organizations in possession of electronic personal information about any resident of New York St…

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Board Member 101 Mind Your Bid-ness
Mind Your Bid-ness

Kickback schemes, bid mishandling, and the like are not always easy to identify—or to prove – because like any illicit activity, this type of fraud is perpetrated in secret. That's why it's imperative to build a few basic safeguards into…

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Board Member 101 The NY Policy Holders Protection Act
The NY Policy Holders Protection Act

Of all the duties - and challenges - a co-op or condo board has to keep track of, insurance likely doesn't rank among the most thrilling; but of course that's no excuse to remain in the dark about changes to coverage-related legislation. In…

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Board Member 101 Updating Your Documents
Updating Your Documents

The governing documents of a housing development—be it a cooperative, condominium, or homeowners association—spell out the rules, regulations, and policies that all unit owners or shareholders are obligated to follow as a condition of their…

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Board Member 101 The Claim Conundrum
The Claim Conundrum

Sometimes, the choice whether to file a claim with your insurer is clear-cut; sometimes it's not. In this clip, two industry pros give tips on when to file, and when to consider other options. 

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Board Member 101 Managing Conflicts
Managing Conflicts

Living in a multifamily dwelling requires tolerance for other people, particularly when those people are noisy, smelly, or have questionable taste in door decorations. In New York, where the majority of people share a wall with at least one…

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Board Member 101 Keeping a Lid on Legal Costs
Keeping a Lid on Legal Costs

As much as a prudent, conscientious board may try to keep a lid on expenditures, sometimes shelling out is unavoidable. When it comes to legal costs though, 'shelling out' can often result in a bad case of sticker shock. In this clip, legal…

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Board Member 101 Common Board Blunders
Common Board Blunders

Professionals who work with co-op, condo, and HOA boards see a lot - and over the course of their careers, accumulate wisdom that client communities both current and future can benefit from. In this clip, a quartet of management pros discus…

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Board Member 101 Manager Autonomy
Manager Autonomy

Boards -- whether co-op, condo, or HOA -- hire managers to handle the administrative, operational, and social sides of what can often be a tricky field. How much leeway a manager has to get the job done depends on several different variable…

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