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Board Operations Residential multifamily modern buildings
2024 June Navigating Building Decarbonization

Multifamily buildings—both new and existing—face barriers to decarbonization amid competing demands and growing pressure from legislation, residents, and tenants. But there are opportunities to build value today, namely energy efficiency an…

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Board Operations Human resource manager looking at many different cv resume and choosing perfect person to hire. HR concept on virtual screen.
2024 May Assessing Buyer Applications

Groucho Marx once famously said, “I wouldn’t belong to any club that would have me as a member.” Not so for many in the world of co-ops, condos, and HOAs.  Shared communities often (if not usually) have an application process required for p…

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Board Operations The Headless HOA (or Co-op or Condo)
2024 May The Headless HOA (or Co-op or Condo)

This publication spends a lot of time exploring and explaining the duties and purpose of multifamily boards—the benefits and drawbacks of serving on them, and even the difficulty that many buildings and communities have with motivating owne…

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Board Operations Group of similar wooden tiny toy houses. Wooden models of buildings as conceptual images for real estate topics.
Just Like a Good Neighbor...

For many co-op and condominium buildings in New York, making necessary repairs under the City’s many local laws requires cooperation from neighboring - often physically adjacent - buildings. You may need access to your neighbor’s roof, or a…

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Board Operations Rules and regulations books with official instructions and directions of organization or team isolated on white background. 3d illustration
2023 May Updating Bylaws & House Rules

The governing documents of a cooperative, condominium, or homeowners association spell out the rules, regulations, and administrative policies that all residents and board members alike are obligated to follow as a condition of their reside…

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Board Operations Vector illustration of choice of worker or personnel. Recruitment concept. Сhoosing resume of new employees.
2023 May The Board Approval Process

Board approval has been part and parcel of buying into an NYC co-op since the housing model was introduced in the late 1800s. Boards can demand troves of personal information from buyers, and can approve or deny a purchase for just about an…

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Board Operations Group Of Multi Ethnic Business Team Sitting Together At Workplace In Modern Office
2023 March Running Effective, Efficient Meetings

According to Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised in Brief (2005), “The holding of assemblies of the elders, fighting men, or people of a tribe, community, or city to make decisions or render opinion on important matters is doubtless a cus…

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Board Operations A graduated stack of wooden blocks showing different safety-related icons with a red block reading SAFETY at the top
2023 January Safety Inspections

Whether living in a crowded high-rise or a sprawling suburban community, when it comes to condos, co-ops and homeowners’ associations, safety is paramount. From management to the board to fellow residents, it falls to everyone to show conce…

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