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Maintenance Modern underground parking with cars
Who Pays for Garage Inspections & Repairs?

After the deadly collapse of a parking garage building in lower Manhattan last year, the City of New York moved to prevent similar tragedies from occurring, undertaking the herculean task of inspecting every garage in New York City for crac…

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Exterior Waterproofing flat roof with bitumen sealing membranes
Replacing Your Roof?

As we move toward spring and summer, major capital improvement projects become the focus for many co-op and condominium communities. One of the largest projects your community may undertake is a roof replacement. Whether a high-rise, mid-ri…

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Maintenance Work space field maintenance
2023 November Maintaining Your Elevators

The elevator is one of those inventions—along with running hot and cold water and indoor plumbing—that have been around for so long we take it for granted. But elevators obviously weren’t always a part of the architectural landscape. Withou…

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Maintenance skyscrapers view at night in Manhattan New York
2023 November Maintaining Glass Façades

Glass façades are for many the epitome of contemporary urban architecture and design. Sleek, clean, and modern, they give the impression of an Emerald City of the future, rising above the bricks and mortar of yesterday’s Gotham. Yet with th…

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Maintenance Home problem, building problem wall cracked need to repair hurry up
NY DOB Mandates Parapet Wall Inspections

The New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) has enacted a new rule relating to façade maintenance and safety - this one directed at parapet walls. The parapet is a low protective wall along the edge of a roof, bridge, or balcony. The ne…

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Interior Anti-cockroach icon, pest control, destruction of parasites, stop insect , black contour, isolated, white background
20% Of NY Metro Households Have Pest Problems

The U.S. has long suffered from an inadequate supply of housing. From a slow recovery in new construction after the Great Recession, to onerous zoning regulations and building codes, to the recent impacts of inflation on building materials,…

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Exterior It is an isometric illustration comparing whether the exterior wall survey of a building or condominium is done by scaffolding or drone inspection.
Cutting-Edge Tech for Building Inspections

While few would argue that regular, thorough building inspections are important for the safety of both people and property, the increasing number - and rising cost - of mandatory inspections has co-op and condo boards looking for more affor…

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Exterior Workers carry the window illustration. Vector colorful illustration of two male workers in gloves carefully carry the window for installation or replacement. Builders installing a window in the appartment
2023 March Window Maintenance & Replacement

When it comes to the list of most important systems to maintain—and potentially the most expensive to replace—in a multifamily building, windows are definitely near the top. The useful life of a given window depends on a number of factors, …

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