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20% Of NY Metro Households Have Pest Problems

The U.S. has long suffered from an inadequate supply of housing. From a slow recovery in new construction after the Great Recession, to onerous zoning regulations and building codes, to the recent impacts of inflation on building materials,…

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Interior Spring Maintenance
Spring Maintenance

Though 'winter' in these days of shifting, warming climate tends to involve more chilly rain and slush than the snowdrifts and icecicles of decades past, multifamily buildings are still on the hook for some seasonal maintenace when the cale…

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Interior Lobby Decor
Lobby Decor

While not usually considered an amenity per se, an elegantly appointed lobby can be both a draw for prospective purchasers and a welcoming space for residents in co-op and condominium communities. While some communities furnish their lobbie…

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Interior Pest Issues in Multifamily Buildings
Pest Issues in Multifamily Buildings

As long as humans have congregated in towns and cities, pests - be they rodents, insects, or even birds - have been a problem. In this clip, a pair of pest control pros spill the tea on which pests are peskiest when it comes to multifamily …

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Interior Decision 2016: Oil or Gas
Decision 2016: Oil or Gas

Thanks to an initiative passed by the Bloomberg administration back in 2010, New York City has successfully phased out No. 6 heating oil as of this year. Future plans have an eye toward even cleaner-burning oils and, eventually converting e…

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Interior A Clear View
2015 March A Clear View

Windows can dramatically change any space, from transforming a tiny kitchen into a front row seat to a glorious skyline to morphing a standard upstairs bedroom into a perfect perch for an ocean view. Windows bring vast life and light to an…

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Interior The Human Factor
2014 November The Human Factor

Property managers know that whether they're running a small, contained walk-up building, a multi-unit high rise, or a sprawling condo development in the suburbs, materials, capital and personnel all fall under their administrative jurisdic…

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Interior Plumbing the Depths
2014 November Plumbing the Depths

Of all the modern conveniences we take for granted, perhaps none is as profoundly basic—and indispensable—as indoor plumbing. Carrying fresh water into our homes and taking waste water away, the pipes in our condo or co-op buildings are th…

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