Spring Maintenance Warmer Days Ahead

Though 'winter' in these days of shifting, warming climate tends to involve more chilly rain and slush than the snowdrifts and icecicles of decades past, multifamily buildings are still on the hook for some seasonal maintenace when the calendar starts edging toward spring. The scope of projects can vary of course, depending on the size and features of your particular property. Some communities’ spring checklist may just consist of removing winter debris from the tree pits and planters out front, while others may have to coordinate cleaning and prepping swimming pools, tennis courts or playground equipment.

No matter where your buildng falls on the continuum, a clear, concise spring maintenance schedule can be a huge help – and an adept manager can help determine the nature and extent of needed spring work, as well as the best way to prioritize and schedule service calls. He or she can also coordinate any necessary inspections with contractors, and accompany those contractors as they assess your property.


Any spring cleaning endeavor should start with the outside surfaces. Not only because your building's exterior bears the brunt of the elements, but because it's the public-facing side of your community, and you want it to look its best.

Any association will want to perform some routine tasks, including cleaning their grounds of leaves and debris to prep for landscaping, and cleaning windows," says James Maistre, an executive agent with Veritas Property Management in New York City, adding that serious exterior cleaning of the latter should be handled by professionals.

Changing out old and dilapidated-looking signs can make things look a bit more sharp without requiring an association to hire an outside vendor,” adds Ellen Brown Martinez, Vice President of Florida-based C&S Community Management Services.


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