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Landscaping Smarter, Greener Landscaping
2024 May Smarter, Greener Landscaping

Any community looking to create and/or maintain a landscaped area these days ought to consider integrating smarter, greener practices and products to maximize environmental benefits, minimize overuse of resources, and sustainably provide be…

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Landscaping House model, coins, earth globe written with CURB APPEAL.Curb appeal refers to the visual attractiveness of a property, particularly its exterior or front-facing facade, as viewed from the street or sidewalk
2024 April Does Curb Appeal Really Matter?

First impressions may not always tell the full story of a building (or a person, or a book, for that matter), but in the case of a multifamily building or HOA, the very first experience of a property—its exterior, entry spaces, even how sta…

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Landscaping Tree pruning with hedge trimmer from aerial lift platform. Bucket truck tree surgeon city service vehicle. Aerial work basket vehicle. Vector clip art of cherry picker on urban cityscape background
2024 April Tree Care & Maintenance

“The trees along this city street, Save for the traffic and the trains, Would make a sound as thin and sweet As trees in country lanes.”                         -Edna St. Vincent Millay Trees provide us with many benefits, from the obv…

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Landscaping Wall decoration of vertical garden
2023 April Green Walls, Water Features, & More

As more of us become increasingly attuned to and educated about the benefits—indeed, the necessity—of a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, multifamily buildings and residential communities are turning toward new ‘green’ features to up…

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Landscaping Narcissus is a genus of predominantly spring perennial plants of the amaryllis family, Amaryllidaceae. Various common names including daffodil
2023 April Urban Plant Care

City life can be hard—especially on plants. You laugh? Well, think about it. There’s limited room to grow, all kinds of pollution, sun-blocked settings…it’s no wonder plant life has to be extra-hardy to make it in city environments. And tha…

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Landscaping Beautiful girl cuts the lawn. Mowing lawns. Aerial view beautiful woman lawn mower on green grass. Mower grass equipment. Mowing gardener care work tool. Close up view. Aerial lawn mowing
2022 April Better Grass & Lawn Care

Ever since the end of World War II—and the widespread prosperity that brought about a historic baby boom, a healthy middle class, and suburban sprawl—a vibrant, manicured lawn has been synonymous with the American domestic ideal. Even for t…

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Landscaping Vector residential corridor with window, door and stairs. Interior of the 1st floor. Vector illustration of the interior of a room corridor or hallway for background, print, web.
2022 April A Little Work

One of the enduring facts of home ownership is that maintaining your abode is never really done. There’s always something that needs to be upgraded or updated.  That is doubly true in multifamily communities. Whether you’re in an urban high…

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Landscaping Brownstones in Bedford-Stuyvesant on a fall evening at twilight. - October 18, 2020, Brooklyn, NY
2022 April Creative Landscaping for Smaller Spaces

Living in a dense urban or suburban multifamily setting often means living without easy access to nature. Many residents in these housing environments crave some sort of outdoor space—if not a private one like a balcony or deck adjoining th…

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Landscaping Smart Multifamily Landscaping
2021 April Smart Multifamily Landscaping

When the sun seems to shine a bit brighter, warmer, and longer, and the first buds of spring start to appear on trees and bushes, many multifamily property managers, boards, and residents start to think about the landscaping at their buildi…

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Landscaping Plants, Money, & Sustainability
2021 April Plants, Money, & Sustainability

In multifamily properties where different households share in the use, visual enjoyment, and property value of landscaped outdoor elements, a lot of factors go into deciding what and where to plant, how to maintain it, and how much to spend…

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