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Energy Conservation A hand holding money adjusting a thermostat on a wall.
Energy Recovery Ventilators

As the climate crisis accelerates, numerous, diverse technologies are being designed to battle the effects of heavily polluting, carbon-based energy sources like oil and gas. Many of these innovations are coming out of the heating, ventilat…

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Energy Conservation A light bulb, a pen, a calculator and some copper euro cent coins lie on top of an electricity bill.
2024 July Improving Energy Efficiency

Switching from technologies and equipment that are powered by fossil fuels to efficient, all-electric option—a process known as electrification—is fundamental to advancing building decarbonization and combating climate change. The electrifi…

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Energy Conservation modern smart house with infographics. 3d rendering
Local Law 157 Compliance

After the devastating gas explosion in Harlem in 2014 that leveled a building, leaving eight people dead, and a second explosion in the East Village in 2015 that killed two and injured twenty, New York City passed Local Law 157 (LL157). Whi…

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Energy Conservation Air conditioner technician repairing central air conditioning system with outdoor tools
2024 June Air Conditioning & Climate Control

When my grandfather came to New York City from Hungary in 1924 he lived in a rooming house on East 78th Street on the then not-very-fashionable Upper East Side of Manhattan. When temperatures soared in the summer, the family slept on the fi…

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Energy Conservation Net zero by 2050. Carbon neutral. Net zero greenhouse gas emissions target. Climate neutral long term strategy. No toxic gases. save world save life.
Local Law 97 Update

In 2025, the first compliance requirements for Local Law 97 will become a fact of life for literally thousands of New York City co-ops and condos, and those who call them home. Local Law 97 is far-reaching legislation aimed at making New Yo…

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Energy Conservation Smart house system programming software. Engineering development of building construction, communication, electricity. Design in CAD programs of Smart building. AI of IOT. Architectural 3d plan.
2023 September Futurizing Multifamily Buildings

In his 1971 book Future Shock, author Alvin Toffler describes a society undergoing enormous structural change as a result of technological advancements—and the social stress and disorientation that came with that change. A half-century late…

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Energy Conservation A city-shaped lake in the middle of a lush forest as a metaphor for eco-friendly urbanism and modern green living in general. 3D rendering.
2023 September Sustainability in Multifamily Buildings

As the push to reduce our carbon emissions and maintain livable conditions intensifies, sustainability has become an increasingly important concern for multifamily buildings—including condos, co-ops, and HOAs. More and more legislation and …

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