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Energy Conservation Net zero by 2050. Carbon neutral. Net zero greenhouse gas emissions target. Climate neutral long term strategy. No toxic gases. save world save life.
Local Law 97 Update

In 2025, the first compliance requirements for Local Law 97 will become a fact of life for literally thousands of New York City co-ops and condos, and those who call them home. Local Law 97 is far-reaching legislation aimed at making New Yo…

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Energy Conservation Smart house system programming software. Engineering development of building construction, communication, electricity. Design in CAD programs of Smart building. AI of IOT. Architectural 3d plan.
2023 September Futurizing Multifamily Buildings

In his 1971 book Future Shock, author Alvin Toffler describes a society undergoing enormous structural change as a result of technological advancements—and the social stress and disorientation that came with that change. A half-century late…

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Energy Conservation A city-shaped lake in the middle of a lush forest as a metaphor for eco-friendly urbanism and modern green living in general. 3D rendering.
2023 September Sustainability in Multifamily Buildings

As the push to reduce our carbon emissions and maintain livable conditions intensifies, sustainability has become an increasingly important concern for multifamily buildings—including condos, co-ops, and HOAs. More and more legislation and …

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Energy Conservation CO2 emission reduction concept in hand with environmental icons, global warming, sustainable development, connectivity and renewable energy green business background.
A Local Law 97 Roadmap

Local Law 97 (LL97), intended to make New York City a carbon neutral oasis by 2050, is both an ambitious and commendable attempt to bring a city born in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries into the twenty-second. It also places a substan…

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