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Energy Conservation Rooftop patio garden in Germany
2021 October Green Options to Maximize Your Roof

On August 9, 2021, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a scathing report detailing the indisputable impacts that human activity have made on the planet—many of them reaching the point of irreversibil…

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Energy Conservation The Bronx is Greening
2021 September The Bronx is Greening

As the COVID-19 pandemic descended upon the country at the end of last winter, notably taking hold initially and most prominently in New York City’s outer boroughs, which include some of the most diverse ZIP codes in the United States, it q…

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Energy Conservation Receiverships & Conservatorships 101
2021 September Receiverships & Conservatorships 101

Between the tragedy of the Surfside condominium collapse in Florida and the subsequent placement of the association in receivership, as well as the flurry of recent press around popstar Britney Spears’s yearslong struggle against her own fi…

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Energy Conservation Greener Days Ahead?
2020 September Greener Days Ahead?

While pockets of disagreement still linger in some quarters, climate change—and the science explaining it—is very real. And while fluctuations in seasonal weather are normal, the general trend toward a hotter planet is clear, evidenced by m…

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