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Energy Conservation Greener Days Ahead?
2020 September Greener Days Ahead?

While pockets of disagreement still linger in some quarters, climate change—and the science explaining it—is very real. And while fluctuations in seasonal weather are normal, the general trend toward a hotter planet is clear, evidenced by m…

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Energy Conservation Multifamily Energy  Saving Solutions
2020 September Multifamily Energy Saving Solutions

Whether you reside in, manage, or serve on the board of a co-op, condo, or HOA, examining your building’s energy efficiency from top to bottom, inside and out, will have enormous implications for individual and communal costs, energy conser…

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Energy Conservation Green Roofs & Solar
Green Roofs & Solar

As is often the case, New York City is at the forefront in promoting legislation aimed at capping building emissions and promoting green living as part of an environmentally conscious future. As part of this effort, a number of laws and ord…

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Energy Conservation Window Deterioration
Window Deterioration

If the eyes are windows to the soul, then windows are the soul of your building. Clean, functional, well-insulated windows are crucial to not just the look of your building (both inside and out), but to controlling energy costs as well. Whe…

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Energy Conservation Local Law 97
Local Law 97

Local Law 97 applies to buildings over 25,000 square-feet - including co-op and condo communities. In this short clip, learn how LL97 may impact your building, and find out what your board needs to do in order to be in compliance with it.  …

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Energy Conservation Climate Act Compliance
Climate Act Compliance

While many NYC building owners and managers have committed to reduce energy waste in their properties, promote efficiency, and strive for a greener city and planet, the sweeping nine-bill Climate Mobilization Act passed in May of 2019 and t…

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Energy Conservation Assessing Energy Needs
Assessing Energy Needs

Between helping the planet and helping your building's bottom line, it pays to be familiar with your energy profile. In this clip, two multifamily energy pros discuss the criteria and process they use to determine an individual community's …

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