How Will the Climate Mobilization Act Impact Your Building? Building Energy Exchange Presents a CMA Primer

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Passed in 2019, The Climate Mobilization Act (CMA) is an ambitious legislative package that puts emissions limits on New York City’s large commercial and residential buildings. In addition to these limits, which are codified in Local Law 97, the package also includes green roof and solar photovoltaic (PV) mandates (Local Laws 92 and 94), building energy performance grades (Local Law 95), and the establishment of clean energy financing tools (Local Law 96).

NYC co-op and condo buildings larger than 25,000 square feet are subject to these laws, and getting compliant will reduce energy costs, avoid escalating fines and penalties, and create a greener, more sustainable environment for their residents and the planet as a whole -but can also involve involve expensive rehabs, disruptive conversions, and a lot of paperwork. 

Boards and property managers will face significant CMA-related decisions about their buildings and communities over the coming years, and may need some expert guidance along the way. To that end, The Building Energy Exchange (BE-Ex) is administering the Climate Mobilization Act Primer—a free course examining the basic principles of the CMA and offering actionable guidance for building decision makers. 

“Industry education is the first step towards compliance with New York City’s Climate Mobilization Act,” says BE-Ex executive director Richard Yancey. “Our programming not only demystifies these policies, but connects the dots between regulatory compliance, climate action, occupant health and comfort, and marketability.”

Taught by industry experts, the course is available as one-hour live virtual sessions on various dates, as well as on-demand as a 30-minute course via BE-Ex Ed, the Building Energy Exchange’s online learning platform. Businesses can also schedule a one-hour presentation of the session at their office by contacting BE-Ex. All three course versions offer AIA CEU credit. 

Upcoming Live Event

The next live virtual CMA Primer course is on Thursday, May 19, 2022, from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. Pournamasi Rath, Director of Sustainability at Ettinger Engineering Associates, a New York MEP consulting firm, will provide instruction for property owners, managers, developers, and other key stakeholders seeking direction as they navigate these new regulations. Ian Becker, Account Manager at the NYC Accelerator, will join as a technical advisor. Register here.

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