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Buying & Selling An artistic art collage. A house on one side of the scales, and money on the other side of the scales. The concept of buying, renting, or mortgaging a house.
Fall Market Watch 2023

As we head into the final quarter of 2023, what factors are contributing and controlling the co-op and condo market? To a great extent, the same factors that have controlled it for the past few years: stubbornly high interest rates, the lin…

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Buying & Selling Miniature colorful house on stack coins using as property and financial concept
Navigating Today's Mortgage Market

The doubling of interest rates in the past 18 months has certainly had a chilling effect on sales of all types of private homes, whether they be condos high in the sky, co-ops in quaint, pre-war walk-ups, or detached single family homes in …

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Real Estate Trends colorful action image of two couples playing pickleball in a mixed doubles match

You’ve probably seen people of all descriptions playing pickleball - a super-adaptable hybrid that uses oversized ping-pong paddles to lob a hollow, perforated plastic ball back and forth over a tennis net. The game is accessible to players…

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Real Estate Trends Bangkok, Thailand – January 09, 2023: In Thailand, Cannabis, known by the name Ganja was decriminalized in 2022, and weed cafes and dispensaries have since become common across the country
Smoke Shops as Commercial Tenants?

Among the many lingering effects of the pandemic in NYC is a surfeit of empty commercial spaces - many of them on the ground floors of co-op and condominium properties. Lack of street traffic, supply chain issues, and other obstacles proved…

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Buying & Selling Magnifying glass in front of an open newspaper with paper houses. Concept of rent, search, purchase real estate.
Condo, or Co-op?

Conventional wisdom in the New York real estate world holds that certain types of buyers prefer condominiums over co-ops. They include foreign buyers, those seeking pieds-a-terre, and those unthrilled with the extensive financial and person…

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Real Estate Trends Girl doing yoga training at home at night. Young Latin American woman meditating using an app on smartphone.
Quiet Rooms

With limited space, neighbors on all sides, and no back (or front) yards, apartment living has always been about the amenities. The newest must-have? Quiet rooms.  A direct outgrowth of pandemic-related limitations and peoples’ desperate ne…

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