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Real Estate Trends Electric car charging station in underground indoor parking with signage reading CHARGE STATION
EVs in NYC

President Joe Biden’s signing of the Inflation Reduction Act earlier this week has been heralded as the most far-reaching and comprehensive legislative plan to fight climate change to date. Among many other things, it provides millions of d…

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Real Estate Trends Rebranding Buildings & HOAs
Rebranding Buildings & HOAs

Amid the pressure of an overheated real estate market and possible looming recession, some co-op and condo properties are looking to stand out in today’s landscape. One strategy some are embracing is rebranding; casting a new light on who t…

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Real Estate Trends Close-up of two women choosing samples of wall paint. Interior designer consulting a client looking at a color swatch. House renovation concept
2022 June Design Trends for 2022

When remodeling the interior of multifamily buildings and HOAs, boards or board-appointed committees might be tempted to adopt an “out with the old, in with new” approach. Others prefer to stick to “tried and true” designs to suit their aes…

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Real Estate Trends A beautiful pink rose bush in a garden during spring along an empty residential sidewalk in Sunnyside Queens New York
2022 April The Importance of Curb Appeal

An old time-worn saying ‘that you’re only as good as your first impression’ is paramount in how your co-op or condo building is perceived at street level. The curb appeal factor cannot be discounted when people pass by your building and see…

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Real Estate Trends golden crystal ball in a hand, prediction for 2022, brights stars and sparks on abstract shiny background
2022 January The Year in (P)Review

Remember in 2020, when everyone was so excited for 2021, “when all of this instability and uncertainty will be over”? Right. Well, while there was some relief from pandemic pandemonium as Americans started to get vaccinated against COVID th…

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Real Estate Trends Woman's hands holding money and model of house over wooden table.
Unsolicited Offers

Night falls on the city; just as she’s about to close up shop for the day, a broker receives an email from an unknown sender. The sender is interested in purchasing a specific unit in a specific building - so interested, in fact, that they …

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Real Estate Trends Electric vehicles charging station on a background of a truck. Concept
2021 November America’s Going Electric

New York Governor Kathy Hochul’s Labor Day signing of four pieces of new legislation protecting and supporting workers gave those laws a lot of visibility. (Readers of CooperatorNews can find a summary of two of those four pieces of legisla…

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Real Estate Trends Mom and son are practicing yoga on the balcony in the background of a big city. Sports mom with kid doing morning work-out at home. Mum and child do the exercises together, healthy family lifestyle concept.
COVID Reshaped How Developers Build

Like other bellwether events before it (9/11, the Great Recession), the COVID-19 pandemic has wrought seismic changes to the residential real estate industry. It’s changed the way we live within our own homes, particularly in terms of how w…

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