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Insurance Businessmen balance himself on percentage signs. Central bank money policy for inflation or interest rate, balance between profit and loss, financial challenge or risk, economic recovery concept.
2024 August Rising Insurance Premiums

Over the past few years, operating expenses for everything from fuel to labor to the cost of cleaning supplies have been steadily rising—and disrupting co-op and condo association budgets - all over the country. The premiums for properly in…

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Energy Conservation A hand holding money adjusting a thermostat on a wall.
Energy Recovery Ventilators

As the climate crisis accelerates, numerous, diverse technologies are being designed to battle the effects of heavily polluting, carbon-based energy sources like oil and gas. Many of these innovations are coming out of the heating, ventilat…

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Maintenance Laundry lint from the dryer on white
Liability, Responsibility…and Lint

On the long list of building-related issues that multifamily boards and residents have to be concerned about, dryer lint is not likely uppermost. A leaky roof? Definitely. A boiler on the fritz in mid-January? Absolutely. But dryer lint, no…

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Energy Conservation A light bulb, a pen, a calculator and some copper euro cent coins lie on top of an electricity bill.
2024 July Improving Energy Efficiency

Switching from technologies and equipment that are powered by fossil fuels to efficient, all-electric option—a process known as electrification—is fundamental to advancing building decarbonization and combating climate change. The electrifi…

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Finance Financial literacy and investment. Handbook of knowledge in money management. Stock market. A young man or businessman reading a financial manual.
2024 July Financial Literacy for Board Members

When a condo or co-op resident runs for a seat on their board, the decision to do so generally comes from a desire to ‘step up’ and participate in the governance of the place they call home, and the building or association community as a wh…

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Management Collage of group of young people over colorful isolated background skeptic and nervous, disapproving expression on face with crossed arms. Negative person.
2024 July Everybody Hates Assessments

Ahh, the pleasures of home ownership; a space to call your very own, to arrange and enjoy as you see fit, all while building equity. It’s a key component of the American Dream—but when the faucet leaks in your condo or co-op unit, there’s n…

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Energy Conservation modern smart house with infographics. 3d rendering
Local Law 157 Compliance

After the devastating gas explosion in Harlem in 2014 that leveled a building, leaving eight people dead, and a second explosion in the East Village in 2015 that killed two and injured twenty, New York City passed Local Law 157 (LL157). Whi…

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2024 June The Board-Management Relationship

Achieving balance between board and management is vital in maintaining a healthy collective. A community run by elected representatives requires a combination of experience and professionalism—and that support is frequently provided by a hi…

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Management Managing  Disruptive Residents
2024 June Managing Disruptive Residents

If you live in, work in, or provide services for a co-op, condo, or HOA, you know that however harmonious a building or association is in general, there is often that one person—or perhaps more than one—who throws a wrench in the works. It …

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