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Choosing the Right Vendors

The success of your co-op or condo community largely depends on the vendors and service providers you choose - especially those you hire to execute larger, more involved projects that have the potential to be disruptive to the residents who…

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Management BOARD; Wooden blocks with "BOARD" text of concept and human toys.
2023 December Holding Elections

Shared residential communities such as co-ops, condos, and HOAs are modern examples of classic Athenian democracy: citizens governing themselves through active participation in governance. The key to that governance is the regularity of ele…

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2023 December Powering E-Devices Safely

All over the news, from coast to coast, reports of fires and explosions caused by lithium-ion batteries describe blazes that are out of control, difficult to extinguish, and excessively smokey. Tragically, many have resulted in fatalities a…

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Management Effective Committees
2023 November Effective Committees

In a typical co-op, condo, or homeowners association, residents have a lot to say about how their building or community is or should be functioning … but few actually step up to run for and serve on the board that does the actual governing.…

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Management The Cannabis Question
2023 November The Cannabis Question

With cannabis use becoming increasingly normalized (as of this year, 38 states permit medical marijuana use and 23 permit both medical and recreational consumption), co-op and condo administrators are faced with yet another quality-of-life …

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Maintenance Work space field maintenance
2023 November Maintaining Your Elevators

The elevator is one of those inventions—along with running hot and cold water and indoor plumbing—that have been around for so long we take it for granted. But elevators obviously weren’t always a part of the architectural landscape. Withou…

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Maintenance skyscrapers view at night in Manhattan New York
2023 November Maintaining Glass Façades

Glass façades are for many the epitome of contemporary urban architecture and design. Sleek, clean, and modern, they give the impression of an Emerald City of the future, rising above the bricks and mortar of yesterday’s Gotham. Yet with th…

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