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Energy Conservation Air conditioner technician repairing central air conditioning system with outdoor tools
2024 June Air Conditioning & Climate Control

When my grandfather came to New York City from Hungary in 1924 he lived in a rooming house on East 78th Street on the then not-very-fashionable Upper East Side of Manhattan. When temperatures soared in the summer, the family slept on the fi…

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Security Notice Keep Door Closed Sign. Open door. Vector stock illustration
Intruder Alert!

‘John’ (not his real name, in consideration of his and his neighbors’ privacy) has lived in co-op buildings for over 40 years, and in his particular co-op - a well-tended, 100% sold, mid-size building in Manhattan - for over two decades. Th…

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Design people polishes floor indoors
2024 May Spring Awakening

As the days get longer, warmer, and more full of outdoor activity, multifamily boards and property managers must consider a whole new list of maintenance and preparation tasks to ready their buildings for the approaching summer. It’s finall…

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Design house with green roof in among white houses for real estate property industry
2024 May Aesthetic Rules

In the world of single-family homes, property owners can do pretty much whatever they want when it comes to the look of their place. They can paint their house bright purple, for instance. Or display Christmas or Halloween decorations that …

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Landscaping Smarter, Greener Landscaping
2024 May Smarter, Greener Landscaping

Any community looking to create and/or maintain a landscaped area these days ought to consider integrating smarter, greener practices and products to maximize environmental benefits, minimize overuse of resources, and sustainably provide be…

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Design Portrait Of Mature Postman Putting Letters In Mailbox
Mailboxes & Package Rooms

Among the more mundane - yet vitally important - amenities in nearly every multifamily community is its mailbox and package delivery system. With the massive increase in deliveries in the Amazon Era, and especially post-pandemic, the design…

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Maintenance Air conditioner technician repairing central air conditioning system with outdoor tools
It's Getting Warmer...

Warm weather is quickly approaching - have you had your HVAC system serviced yet? Whether it's a central or window system, your air conditioning equipment requires a bit more attention than simply turning on your thermostat. Both types req…

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Landscaping House model, coins, earth globe written with CURB APPEAL.Curb appeal refers to the visual attractiveness of a property, particularly its exterior or front-facing facade, as viewed from the street or sidewalk
2024 April Does Curb Appeal Really Matter?

First impressions may not always tell the full story of a building (or a person, or a book, for that matter), but in the case of a multifamily building or HOA, the very first experience of a property—its exterior, entry spaces, even how sta…

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