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2023 December Q&A: Absence of Quorum

Q. For the past three years, my co-op has not obtained a quorum at the annual meeting. In 2020, during the pandemic, the board decided to go virtual by using Zoom. However, at each annual meeting, the co-op did not reach a quorum, and as …

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Q&A Q&A: Rights to Docs
2023 November Q&A: Rights to Docs

Q. Can an HOA unit owner demand to see a copy of the monthly list of unit owners’ payments?                                        —Seeking Access A. “Yes,” says attorney Aaron Shmulewitz of the New York City firm of Belkin Burden Gol…

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Q&A Statuette of Themis - the goddess of justice on lawyer's desk. Lawyer is stamping the document. Law office concept.
2023 November Q&A: Posthumous Stock Change

Q. I am a former board member who held the office of secretary. I have a question pertaining to a stock certificate. I signed a stock certificate regarding a shareholder (who died in 2018) that was approved by the previous board and issue…

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2023 November Q&A: Illegal Enclosure

Q. I live in a three-flat condo. Before I purchased the second floor, the owner of the third floor opened up the wall to the porch, enclosed the porch, and claimed it as living space. It has since been cited by the city and must come down…

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Q&A A flat vector illustration of a coworking meeting in the office and working on a project, showing the presentation, data, research, etc.
2023 October Q&A: Co-op Annual Meeting Requirements

Q. Is it illegal for a cooperative board to decide not to hold an annual shareholder meeting? If a cooperative board does not meet, what rights is a shareholder entitled to?    —Shareholder Waiting for the Meeting A. Margery N. Weinst…

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Q&A kitchen dishwasher being repaired
2023 September Q&A: Illegal Dishwasher

Q. Our Association is self-managed with 12 units. An owner installed a dishwasher without any written request or approval from the board. The board told her that we believed this was a violation, since all 12 units share one water tank an…

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Q&A Contract and break contract. Breach and terminate of paper document. Cancel, torn and rip of agreement for law. Termination deal in business. Failure in partnership. Icon of disagree in work. Vector.
2023 August Q&A: Problems with a Building Owner-Sponsor-Manager

Q. Our Nassau County co-op was converted in the 1980s. The current property manager owned and managed the property as a rental property pre-conversion. The firm still manages the property. Recently, two apartments we had for a resident su…

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Q&A Surveillance camera glowing in the dark. Ominous mood scene with negative space. Digital 3D rendering.
2023 June Q&A: Camera? Action!

Q. I live in a 6-apartment condo building. Two of the residents have decided on their own without contacting the board or other residents to put cameras outside the doors to their units on two different floors. Is that legal for them to d…

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Q&A Q&A: Mitchell-Lama Board Elections
2023 May Q&A: Mitchell-Lama Board Elections

Q. I am a shareholder in a Mitchell-Lama cooperative. My question is this: If I have concerns about the results of the board of directors election, how can I get an independent person to recount the votes and confirm the tally? Management…

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Q&A Old-fashioned house and city view silhouette. Brick building covered by glass dom. Rent control house concept. Rent stabilized apartment unit. Well preserved and protected property. Flat vecto
2023 May Q&A: Mandatory Coverage

Q. My co-op board just voted to require all shareholders to buy homeowners insurance. I’d like to find out if that’s a common thing, but I don’t know who to ask. Thanks!                                           —Is This Right? A. “Re…

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