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Q&A Voting, hand holding the ballot paper into the ballot box
2024 April Q&A: Election Independence

Q. I am a shareholder in a Mitchell-Lama cooperative. My question is this: If I have concerns about the results of the board of directors election, how can I get an independent person to recount the votes and confirm the tally? Management…

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Q&A Wooden figurine as person who have questions and need help solving the problems among crowd people. Man has no idea on wood table. Business marketing and Creative solution concept.
2024 April Q&A: Contacting the Board

Q. We are a small Manhattan co-op of not-well-informed owners and renters. Our management is primarily a rental company, and often does things contrary to our proprietary lease, bylaws, and business corporation law. I often email my conce…

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Q&A Noisy pianist neighbor isometric Concept,  Baby Cant Sleep Loud Piano Vector Color Icon Design, neighbourhood conflicts Stock illustration, bad neighbors Symbol
2024 March Q&A: Piano No

Q. I’ve lived in a pre-war NYC studio co-op for almost 40 years. While the apartment walls are well insulated against adjacent apartment sound, the floor and subfloor, being constructed entirely of wood, barely provide any sound insulatio…

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Q&A House Water Leak And Pipe Damage From Ceiling. Calling Plumber
2024 February Q&A: New Kitchen, Old Leak

Q. There has been a leak in my line in my co-op. I have reported the leak, three of my neighbors have also reported leaks. The co-op board has had the super make repairs, and he plasters and paints around the leak. There is a mold smell i…

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Q&A One hundred dollar bill Benjamin Franklin portrait looks behind brown craft ripped paper
2024 January Q&A: Don’t Show Me the Money

Q. In this time of economic uncertainty and depressed Manhattan co-op sales, sellers have been willing to accept bids way lower than a board would allow. If a seller and buyer agree to enter into a contract of sale for an acceptable (to t…

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Q&A Medium shot of production crew cueing the team to start camera roll
2024 January Q&A: Lights, Camera, Improper Action

Q.   Today shareholders at our Mitchell-Lama co-op in Queens were informed with less than 24-hours notice that there will be a film shoot taking place tomorrow on the property from 6:00 a.m. Thursday and completed 12:00 p.m. on Friday. Not…

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Q&A Tiny people getting paper sheet with fine flat vector illustration. Cartoon characters paying traffic bill, municipal tax or parking fee as penalty from police. Financial mulct or punishment concept
2024 January Q&A: Not Fine with Fines

Q. How can a shareholder be protected from a board’s abuse of authority when implementing excessive fines on the community of shareholders? Some of the fines being imposed by the board are not defined in our bylaws or house rules. On occ…

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Q&A quorum word made from metallic letterpress on dark jeans background"r"n
2023 December Q&A: Absence of Quorum

Q. For the past three years, my co-op has not obtained a quorum at the annual meeting. In 2020, during the pandemic, the board decided to go virtual by using Zoom. However, at each annual meeting, the co-op did not reach a quorum, and as …

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Q&A Flat 3d isometric businessman standing with folder with lock. Data security concept.
2023 November Q&A: Rights to Docs

Q. Can an HOA unit owner demand to see a copy of the monthly list of unit owners’ payments?                                        —Seeking Access A. “Yes,” says attorney Aaron Shmulewitz of the New York City firm of Belkin Burden Gol…

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Q&A Statuette of Themis - the goddess of justice on lawyer's desk. Lawyer is stamping the document. Law office concept.
2023 November Q&A: Posthumous Stock Change

Q. I am a former board member who held the office of secretary. I have a question pertaining to a stock certificate. I signed a stock certificate regarding a shareholder (who died in 2018) that was approved by the previous board and issue…

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