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Q&A Man feeling tired in the morning after a bed sleep
2023 March Q&A: Noisy Neighbors

Q. Hello, I am a shareholder of a two bedroom co-op. There are two occupants of the co-op unit under me. One goes to work, while the other individual is a malingerer. Neither is of the mindset “live and let live.” Neither has a problem wi…

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Q&A Last will and testament papers and key as symbol of property.
2023 March Q&A: Estate Sale Woes

Q. My mother passed away three years ago. I am handling the sale of her co-op in Queens. We emptied and painted the unit completely soon after she passed. I’ve been paying $850 a month maintenance fee for the empty unit while I was not al…

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Q&A What Are The Rules? on chalkboard
2023 February Q&A: Do Unenforced Bylaws Become Void?

Q.  If the particular bylaws of a condo community are continuously not followed, does the bylaw that is continuously misused become a LEGAL bylaw? Do we have any legal precedence here?                        —Concerned in Chelsea A.  “T…

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Q&A Road sign to foreclosure
2023 February Q&A: Tenant Obligations in Foreclosure

Q. One of our condo units that the owner was renting out to a tenant is now in foreclosure. But before the unit went into foreclosure, the owner (who has been missing in action) was behind on the common charges and the condo board was tak…

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Q&A Businessman is holding legal documents. Eviction Notice Form. Human resource management concept. Vector on isolated background. EPS 10
2023 February Q&A: Subleasing a Co-op

Q.  A co-op owner purchased her unit in 2005 and has been subleasing it to the same tenant since 2011. The co-op board recently passed an amendment to the bylaws that states that an owner cannot sublease a unit for more than two years, and…

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Q&A Old-fashioned house and city view silhouette. Brick building covered by glass dom. Rent control house concept. Rent stabilized apartment unit. Well preserved and protected property. Flat vecto
2023 January Q&A: Staying Stable

Q. I live in a co-op with some unsold share apartments that are occupied by rent stabilized tenants. This month a woman in a rent stabilized apartment passed away. Will her apartment remain rent stabilized, or can the owner transfer it to…

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Q&A Close-up Of Human Hand Filling Criminal Background Check Application Form With Pen
2023 January Q&A: Investigating Residents

Q. I have lived in a Mitchell-Lama co-op since 1992 and never received a copy of the complete house rules. I have been assaulted by a neighbor’s husband; he is not a tenant on record yet lives here and is a very dangerous person. Does the…

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Q&A Glass jar full of money tipped over on its side spilling money with hand reaching in
2023 January Q&A: A Post-President Problem

Q. We recently had to vote to remove our board president from his position, because he was taking small amounts of funds on a regular basis. He said it was all ‘petty cash reimbursements,’ but he never told the board or treasurer about ma…

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Q&A Q&A: Wait Just a Minute
2022 December Q&A: Wait Just a Minute

Q. Why are co-op board minutes so sparse that others who read them—shareholders, lawyers, brokers—have no real idea what goes on at meetings? This is because minutes are routinely ‘sanitized’ to leave out any troublesome issues, any comme…

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Q&A Man hole cover for sewer entry with iron grate on street in a city
2022 December Q&A: Whose (Sewer) Line is It?

Q. I live in a condominium that consists of seven individual buildings, all three- to four-family, that is co-joined by another condominium on the same block. We are sharing a private sewer line with one connection out to the city sewer; …

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