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Q&A Screen showing security camera views of parking, gate, garbage and recycling room, staircase and hallway.
2022 September Q&A: Somebody’s Watching Me

Q. At what point do security cameras become a creepy form of police-state surveillance, and how is a community able to respond to prevent abuse of board authority on such things?   Our co-op community on Long Island has had basic securit…

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Q&A Nerdy woman using old fashioned cine camera
2022 August Q&A: Say Cheese?

Q. Today shareholders at our Mitchell-Lama co-op in Queens were informed with less than 24-hours notice that there will be a film shoot taking place tomorrow on the property from 6:00am Thursday and completed 12:00pm on Friday. Notice sta…

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Q&A A simple window air conditioning unit seen from the outside on a brick urban residential building
2022 July Q&A: Drip, Drip

Q. I have outdoor space that is accessed by a door from my unit and with steps leading down to an outdoor patio and garden. There are two floors above where the unit owners or occupants have window air conditioners that drip onto my steps…

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Q&A A set of human pictogram representing unhappy neighbors quarrel and cursing each other. He is upset about the smoke, loud music, and his neighbor also steal his stuff. He report to police. They have peace at the end.
2022 July Q&A: Rule-Breaking Resident

Q. I live in a senior cooperative with 102 units. Occasionally we have quality of life issues. For instance, someone has been opening a window (even in the cold, cold winter!) and blasting music out, sweeping balcony debris onto the commo…

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Q&A Close-up of rear view mirror with scratches.
2022 June Q&A: Parking Problems

Q. We live in a co-op where the unit we purchased comes with a parking spot. Our parking garage has valet parking and we leave our keys with the attendants. We found that our rearview mirror had scratches on the paint and there was residu…

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Q&A Wide-open mouth of angry screaming boss, and cloud for text
2022 June Q&A: A Poisonous President

Q. What can be done when the president of the condo corporation verbally harasses the building’s superintendent?                   —Seeking to Stop the Abuse A. “Since condominiums are not corporations (although the boards of managers…

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Q&A Night windows of the old block of flats
2022 June Q&A: Windy Windows

Q. I live in a co-op in the Riverdale section of the Bronx. The windows in the entire co-op are in bad need of replacement. We live right off the river and it can be extremely windy and cold. I inquired with management if window replaceme…

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Q&A Personal data protection concept. Cabinet full of files and folders. 3D rendered illustration.
2022 May Q&A; Safeguarding Personal Information

Q. My co-op building’s property management company has an alarmingly bad habit of NOT taking all necessary precautions to protect highly sensitive and confidential shareholder information, like the information contained in sales closing d…

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Q&A events cancelled concept- vector illustration
2022 April Q&A: Another COVID-Canceled Meeting

Q. Our annual shareholder meeting is to be held each April (per our bylaws). However, when COVID started in March 2020, our 2020 annual meeting was canceled and we have not had one since. The last meeting was held in April 2019.  When I’v…

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Q&A Benjamin Franklin blinking and smiling at you isolated on white
2022 April Q&A: Seeking Side-Deal

Q. In this time of COVID and depressed Manhattan co-op sales, sellers have been willing to accept bids way lower than a board would allow. If a seller and buyer agree to enter into a contract of sale for an acceptable (to the board) selli…

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