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2022 April Q&A: Seeking Side-Deal

Q. In this time of COVID and depressed Manhattan co-op sales, sellers have been willing to accept bids way lower than a board would allow. If a seller and buyer agree to enter into a contract of sale for an acceptable (to the board) selli…

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Q&A Q&A: Meeting, Please?
2022 April Q&A: Meeting, Please?

Q. I live in a 192-unit co-op in Brooklyn. The board decided that due to COVID, for the safety of shareholders there will be no annual meeting this year. Also, our maintenance will go up. We have a large outdoor courtyard that I suggested…

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2022 March Q&A: Chimney Challenges

Q.   Our co-op building was completed in 1926. A taller building was built a few years later, right next to our building. Since the exhaust from our chimney could go into the new building’s apartments, our chimney had to be built taller. T…

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2022 March Q&A: A Window Into the Records

Q. I live in a co-op. Last year we had new windows installed, but the cost was greater than we’d initially been told, due to a DOB law requiring all apartments to have a set amount of air and light that necessitated the use of a different…

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Q&A Three people meet one. Three people are aggressively attuned to one. People conduct an interview and a meeting. The concept of attack, threats, encounters, education. Businessmen stand in a group of three.
2022 February Q&A: This Board’s Gone to the Dogs

Q.   I was a member of our three-person condo association board for approximately one year. I resigned after I realized the other two people were having secret meetings and making decisions without my input, and bringing their 2-to-1 vote …

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Q&A Dogs on a leash and pets not allowed icon
2022 January Q&A: When Does “No Pets” Mean No Pets?

Q. I sit on the board of directors of a Nassau County cooperative. The building has a no-pets policy that residents are obliged to comply with. A few residents have cats that were grandfathered in prior to rules changing. On occasion, we’…

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2021 December Q&A: Where’s Our Meeting?

Q. Last year for our annual co-op meeting, we walked into the meeting area to vote, and were instructed by the board to leave the space immediately afterward due to COVID. This year, the board is doing the same thing, using the same excus…

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Q&A Frivolous lawsuits is shown on a conceptual photo using the text
2021 December Q&A: Litigious Neighbors

Q. What should you do as an owner if you know of a small subset of owners in your condo that keep bringing coordinated and meritless legal actions, and even make public postings about your building that could harm your own valuation? Are …

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Q&A Funny man with a lot of different pills on his face. Medicine concept
2021 December Q&A: Disturbing Neighbors

Q. I live in a condo where there are quiet hours after 9 p.m., and all disturbing noise, no matter the time, can result in a fine. Two months after I moved in, the downstairs neighbor moved in, and it’s been a nightmare ever since. Bangin…

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2021 November Q&A: Officer Duties in Question

Q. I’ve been a board member for five years. I got elected as treasurer and we had a board president that’s been president for several years doing all the board’s duties and got reelected again. I was assuming that I was supposed to recov…

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