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Q&A Frivolous lawsuits is shown on a conceptual photo using the text
2021 December Q&A: Litigious Neighbors

Q. What should you do as an owner if you know of a small subset of owners in your condo that keep bringing coordinated and meritless legal actions, and even make public postings about your building that could harm your own valuation? Are …

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Q&A Funny man with a lot of different pills on his face. Medicine concept
2021 December Q&A: Disturbing Neighbors

Q. I live in a condo where there are quiet hours after 9 p.m., and all disturbing noise, no matter the time, can result in a fine. Two months after I moved in, the downstairs neighbor moved in, and it’s been a nightmare ever since. Bangin…

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Q&A US 100 dollar bill as a bait. American currency on the hook. Investment risk or money trap, business fraud and cheating or financial pitfall and mistake concept. Copy space
2021 November Q&A: Officer Duties in Question

Q. I’ve been a board member for five years. I got elected as treasurer and we had a board president that’s been president for several years doing all the board’s duties and got reelected again. I was assuming that I was supposed to recov…

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Q&A Concept tax payment. Data analysis, paperwork, financial research report and calculation of tax return. Payment of debt. Vector illustration in flat style.
2021 November Q&A: Waiting for Abatement

Q. Since 2003, I have been a resident/owner of a condo in Riverdale. Last year, I became aware of the building’s eligibility for the NYC condo tax abatement program. No other owners in the building knew anything of the program. Most owner…

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Q&A People on scales are divided into two opposing groups. Appearance of opinion leaders, influencing others. Nomination of an elected candidate. Formation of political movements. Society split struggle
2021 November Q&A: Sponsor Hold on Board

Q. I have been a shareholder for close to 20 years in a building that went co-op in the late 80s and whose bylaws and governance are still dictated in most part by the original offering plan/proprietary lease that was standard issue at th…

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Q&A Portrait of mature men wearing uniform standing indoors and installing new windows in the apartment. Horizontal shot
2021 October Q&A: Windows Need Replacement

Q. I live in a co-op in the Riverdale section of the Bronx. The windows in the entire co-op are in bad need of replacement. We live right off the river and it can be extremely windy and cold. I inquired with management if window replaceme…

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Q&A Home problem, building problem wall cracked need to repair hurry up
2021 October Q&A: Garage Needs Repairs

Q. The floor of our co-op garage is sinking, and needs to be repaired. Not only are sewage pipes below, but so are gas lines. No contractor wants to come here to fix the floor as they are afraid of an explosion. What legal entity do I con…

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Q&A Q&A: Bilked by Bulk Billing
2021 September Q&A: Bilked by Bulk Billing

Q. The bylaws of [my co-op] currently charge utility costs—water, sewer, heat/AC, and electricity—to our shareholders on the basis of the number of shares each unit is assigned. The shares apportioned are variable depending on unit size, …

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Q&A Q&A: A Rogue President
2021 September Q&A: A Rogue President

Q. We recently had to vote to remove our board president from his position, because he was taking small amounts of funds on a regular basis. He said it was all ‘petty cash reimbursements,’ but he never told the board or treasurer about ma…

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