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Lithium-Ion Batteries

Anyone watching the news lately knows that rechargeable lithium-ion batteries - the kind that power e-bikes and scooters, but also electric cars, laptop computers, cell phones, vape pens, and many other common devices - have become a real d…

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Smart Home Tech & Privacy Protection

According to a recent poll of 1,000 consumers conducted by telecommunications company Frontier, p rivacy concerns around smart home tech devices are on the rise. Sixty percent of respondents to the poll reported being “very” or “extremel…

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Security Cardboard boxes. Cargo, delivery and transportation logistics storage.
2021 December Package Security & Storage

Not so very long ago, acquiring goods and services required some physical effort on the part of consumers; a trip to a store, or restaurant, or other commercial establishment. Sure, you could phone or mail in an order from the Sears catalog…

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Security Security Training
2021 December Security Training

Whether you live in a single-family home, an apartment building, or an HOA, home security is a major concern. Providing that security can range from installing a simple alarm system to equipping and training building staff members to use so…

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Security A female hand presses the buttons on the intercom for access inside.
Updating Buzzer & Intercom Systems

As smartphones have become ubiquitous, app-based technologies have impacted nearly every corner of our lives - including how we secure and grant access to our homes. While plenty of multifamily buildings still rely primarily on buzzers and …

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Security Proptech & Biometric Data
Proptech & Biometric Data

Two new laws recently went into effect in New York City that regulate the collection, storage, and disclosure of information that can identify an individual “biometrically”—that is, by way of their fingerprints, retinal or iris scan, facial…

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Security Fire Safety Plans
2020 December Fire Safety Plans

When a crisis hits a multifamily community—or any other organization—the difference between a good outcome and a disastrous one is often a matter of simple preparedness. Residential communities in particular need to have a plan in case of a…

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Security Examining Safety in Multifamily Properties
2020 December Examining Safety in Multifamily Properties

A lot can be said about 2020, but this was certainly a year that forced people around the world to reexamine our processes and protocols around health, safety, and security—not just personally, but collectively, especially in our homes and …

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Security Census 2020
Census 2020

This year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, Census takers will not be able to visit neighborhoods door-to-door to request survey responses as they did during previous counts. Instead, Census responses are now being requested online thro…

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