Virtual Doormen Deliveries in the Age of Virtual Staff

Online and electronic delivery management systems, including Virtual Doorman's keypad shown here, helps control building access and manage residents' deliveries.

Online services have revolutionized everything – but especially shopping. Virtually anything you want is now at your fingertips, and virtually everything can be delivered. Online versions of every service, from food delivery to furniture to pharmaceuticals, can arrive at your door without you ever leaving the comfort of your bedroom.

Online services are revolutionizing the building service industry as well. Gone are the days of the post office box, when residents of non-doorman buildings had to rent an address at the local post office to receive packages, or have everything sent to their office, then had to drag it all home on a crowded subway packed with irritable commuters. Services such as Butterfly MX, Academy Makilbox, Cyberdoorman, and Virtual Doorman, just to name a few, are making life easier for residents of limited service buildings.

How Does it Work?

Obviously, having near-anonymous personnel coming and going in residential buildings requires a great deal of thought – not only to logistics, but also to security.

For most delivery systems, security is provided through a web based information management platform that streamlines communications between residents, building managers, and a command center in the form of an interactive web portal. The main entry point to a client building is equipped with an alarmed card-access lock, a two way audio communication module and a video camera, which in turn is connected to a digital video recorder (DVR).


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  • Be very careful in reading the fine print when registering for a virtual doorman service. The virtual doorman service that we acquired had included in the fine print that they had the right to share your personal and the personal information (*which included potentially copies of any IDs presented to anyone that they chose to call a "strategic partner". Strategic for the virtual doorman because they get to profit from selling your private information to any partner that will pay them for it. Not only that but they require that you agree not to hold them for any liability that you may encounter EVEN IF DIRECTLY CAUSED BY THEIR GROSS NEGLIGENCE. I decided not to register with them. I have already been a victim of identity theft, and I am definitely not willing to ask my guests to provide their information and have it sold off too. Even though I am still paying for their service, and I am just not using it, they have been harassing me to no end, sending away my packages, telling visitors I moved. I wish it was a virtual nightmare, but its a real one!
  • Any feedback on the Butterfly system? I see very mixed reviews on the internet. Thanks