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Buildings A $3.1 Billion Headache?
A $3.1 Billion Headache?

According to recent write-ups in the New York Times and New York magazine, life for some residents of 432 Park Avenue, the super-tall, super-luxe condo tower overlooking Central Park on the corner of Park Avenue and 57th St. in Midt…

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Buildings Great Neck's Kenwood Gardens
Great Neck's Kenwood Gardens

There was a time some hundred years ago that Great Neck -- not the Hamptons -- was the weekend and summer playground of the rich. A short drive away from Manhattan (there was no bumper-to-bumper traffic then) brought city dwellers to ‘the c…

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Buildings Window Deterioration
Window Deterioration

If the eyes are windows to the soul, then windows are the soul of your building. Clean, functional, well-insulated windows are crucial to not just the look of your building (both inside and out), but to controlling energy costs as well. Whe…

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Buildings Climate Act Compliance
Climate Act Compliance

While many NYC building owners and managers have committed to reduce energy waste in their properties, promote efficiency, and strive for a greener city and planet, the sweeping nine-bill Climate Mobilization Act passed in May of 2019 and t…

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Buildings Major Building Construction Projects
Major Building Construction Projects

Most buildings will have to undergo some kind of exterior or facade-related work at some point in their useful lives - it's inevitable. But sometimes those projects can be noisy, dusty, and disruptive to not just the building being worked o…

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Buildings DOB Expedites New Façade Inspection Rules
DOB Expedites New Façade Inspection Rules

After 60-year-old architect Erica Tishman was tragically killed the week before Christmas by loose material falling from a building façade near Times Square, the New York Department of Buildings (DOB) is expediting changes to its façade ins…

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Buildings Assessing Energy Needs
Assessing Energy Needs

Between helping the planet and helping your building's bottom line, it pays to be familiar with your energy profile. In this clip, two multifamily energy pros discuss the criteria and process they use to determine an individual community's …

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Buildings One-Time Princess's Co-op Sells for $4.25M
One-Time Princess's Co-op Sells for $4.25M

Before the multi-hyphenate It girls of the 21st century, there was Lee Bouvier Radziwill—younger sister of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, wife of a Polish prince for a time, and well known socialite, tastemaker, and fixture of the Upper East S…

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