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Buildings The San Remo
2006 Sep The San Remo

Located on the luxurious Upper West Side along breathtaking Central Park West, the San Remo is one of the premier luxury apartment buildings in New York City. The first to incorporate the twin tower concept, this building’s addition to New …

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Buildings A Successful Experiment in Living
2006 Jul A Successful Experiment in Living

Nearly 150 years ago, the grounds of Parkchester in the Bronx served as a shelter for New York City’s homeless children. It was a place where kids could learn a trade and get a second chance. Today, Parkchester is enjoying its own seco…

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Buildings Alwyn Court
2005 Nov Alwyn Court

If you want to tour some of Manhattan’s most impressive apartment house architechture, a trip to the Upper West side is a no-brainer. There, you can view such buildings as The Osborne, the Beresford and the Van Corlear, all known for t…

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Buildings Inside the Ansonia
2005 Sep Inside the Ansonia

Of all the awe-inspiring, historically significant buildings that make the Upper West Side of Manhattan so aesthetically pleasing and popular to the masses, perhaps few are as architecturally exuberant or hold such colorful history as …

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Buildings Rising to the Occasion
2005 Jun Rising to the Occasion

As part of a New York City Housing Development Corporation (HDC) project, Maple Plaza in East Harlem was constructed in the late 1990s in hopes that the building would help anchor redevelopment efforts in the neighborhood. The eight-story, …

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Buildings East Side Luxury on the West Side
2002 Aug East Side Luxury on the West Side

A region composed of squatters' shacks, leveled forests, and graveyards might seem an unlikely birthplace for the Dakota, one of the Upper West Side's most luxurious addresses, but to a maverick businessman like Edward S. Clark, the hea…

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