Solar Power Gets a Boost from the City NYC Accelerator Offers Free Guidance for Owners, Boards, & Managers

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NYC Accelerator has just launched its “NYC’s Summer of Solar” campaign to highlight increased incentives for solar installations on the city’s buildings - including multifamily residential properties. As part of the program, NYC Accelerator is offering a series of events of interest to building owners, managers, boards, and committees throughout the city: 

What is NYC Accelerator? 

NYC Accelerator is a program sponsored by the Mayor’s Office of Climate and Environmental Justice to decarbonize NYC’s building stock and help the city achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. Since 2015, the program’s team of experts has provided resources, free training, and one-on-one expert guidance to help building owners and industry professionals improve energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, improve air quality and comfort for residents, and avoid fines in over 9,000 buildings in NYC. To learn more about the program, its offerings, and how your building can take part, visit 

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2023 NY Spring Expo Seminar: Going Solar - Cost Savings, Economic Incentives, & Making Greener Energy Work for Your Building

2023 NY Spring Expo Seminar: Going Solar - Cost Savings, Economic Incentives, & Making Greener Energy Work for Your Building

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  • This unfunded mandate and costly fine program needs tweaking. The City should make consulting engineers available to multifamily buildings who will evaluate the state of your building and tell you what you need to meet each carbon reduction compliance deadlines. NYC Accelerator is a good start, but since the buildings have the burdens, the City should also provide solutions to financing the implementation of what their consultants say is required. I also think there should be no exceptions for NYC owned properties. Let the legislators then explain to their constituents the increases in taxes needed to fund the carbon reductions to taxpayer owned properties.