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Landscaping Planning and Maintaining a Community Garden
2019 April Planning and Maintaining a Community Garden

Whether a community is surrounded by suburbs or big-city high-rises, a little greenery can go a long way in adding visual appeal – and value. In fact, given the lack of space and the challenge of keeping plants healthy and thriving, urban g…

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Landscaping Tree Care Tips
Tree Care Tips

Landscaping is a huge part of any building or HOA's curb appeal, and strong, healthy trees are the anchor of any solid landscaping theme. Here, a tree care pro gives some tips on how to care for your community's trees and keep them leafy an…

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Landscaping Working With Your Landscape Architect
2018 April Working With Your Landscape Architect

The sun stays up a little longer, the breezes are warmer, and the flowers begin to bloom. The signs all point to the arrival of spring, when we can cast off the dreary grayness of winter and look forward to blissful summer days. It is the p…

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Landscaping Choosing the Right Plants for Landscaping
2018 April Choosing the Right Plants for Landscaping

Along with the exterior appearance of buildings themselves, landscaping is the first point of contact for potential residents and visitors to a condo or HOA community. While it’s tough to quantify the effect of beautifully curated and maint…

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Landscaping Curb Appeal
2018 April Curb Appeal

When it comes to purchasing a unit in a condominium, co-op or homeowners’ association, everyone is rightly concerned with square footage, baths, beds, kitchen aesthetics—all of the hallmark bells and whistles. But before a potential buyer c…

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Landscaping Before You Hire a Landscape Architect...
Before You Hire a Landscape Architect...

Hiring any type of professional is a delicate process - but when your building or HOA's curb appeal is in the balance, choosing the right pro for the job is crucial to maintaining value and keeping trees, plants, flowerbeds, and other lands…

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Landscaping 2017 Market Review & Forecast
2017 April 2017 Market Review & Forecast

By all accounts, the New York City co-op and condo market is continuing its healthy, active trend of the past few years (although the frantic activity of the immediate post-Recession years seems to have eased somewhat—particularly at the up…

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Landscaping Working With Architectural Committees
2017 April Working With Architectural Committees

Property maintenance is a major responsibility of ownership.  In many unique ways, maintenance programs in a co-op or condo buildings – especially in older properties having architectural or design features with important artistic histories…

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Landscaping Caring For Trees
2017 April Caring For Trees

Trees may seem like the ultimate in low-maintenance landscaping; they’re naturally occurring, live for decades (sometimes centuries), don’t really require much in the way of watering, and sometimes don’t even need pruning.  But while all t…

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