Air Conditioner Maintenance Advice and Guidelines

Air Conditioner Maintenance

In order to keep your air conditioning unit running efficiently, here are some tips to keep its maintenance in tip-top shape.

"¢ Do clean your AC unit often.

"¢ Do keep the unit slightly pitched to the outside of your window or building to prevent rain and/or condensation from leaking into your home.

"¢ Do replace worn-out units with new units bearing the Energy Star logo "“ it's the mark of efficiency.

"¢ Do have a professional do a thorough cleaning and lubrication of your unit's motor every three years or so.

"¢ Don't go cheap "“ it will cost you in the long run.

"¢ Don't use an extension cord to run your unit "“ the longer cord will drop voltage to the unit and make it work harder.

"¢ Don't keep plants near the unit.

"¢ Don't use bricks, wood, or other objects to support your unit in the window "“ it's probably a good idea to have it mounted on proper brackets. It makes sense and is more secure. Please follow manufacturer's instructions and building safety codes.

"¢ Don't use sharp objects to clean out your unit "“ they can cause damage to condenser fins and cause leaks.

For a story about maintaining your air conditioner, click here.

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  • on Thursday, April 30, 2015 4:12 PM
    Getting a high quality unit and then maintaining it regularly will make it last you for many years. Neglecting it or using it wrong will make short work of your AC. Thanks for the great tips!
  • Thanks for sharing this advice on what you should and shouldn't do with your air conditioner maintenance. I had no idea that using anything sharp at all could damage condenser fins and cause leaks! If that's the case, then AC systems aren't as durable as I imagined. In fact, I should probably be more gentle when cleaning the condenser coils and filter, just to be safe. <a href='' ></a>
  • Thanks for the tips! It is important to service your air conditioning system regularly, though not a lot of people do that. I have written about the importance of regular aircon maintenance. Check out my post here:
  • Remove the outer covers and use the brush attachment on a powerful shop vacuum to remove all outside dirt. Then, using a gentle stream from a garden hose, spray through the fins from the inside out to remove any built-up dirt or debris from between them (Image 1). Never use a pressure washer, since the pressure can damage the fins.