Pest Issues in Multifamily Buildings What Are the Toughest Ones to Address?

What are the toughest pest issues to address in multifamily buildings?
As long as humans have congregated in towns and cities, pests - be they rodents, insects, or even birds - have been a problem. In this clip, a pair of pest control pros spill the tea on which pests are peskiest when it comes to multifamily buildings. 

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  • We have mice in our building, but the underlying causes are not being addressed. Instead of sealing mice entry points because its more expensive, the board of directors at our co-op laid out wood spring mouse traps in the laundry room to try to eliminate the mice. In at least one unit, the investor there doesn't want to fix the mice problem, the unit smells of mouse, so the sub-tenants can't deal with it and move out. The mice seem to be wining at our co-op