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Maintenance What are some signs of structural damage that boards, managers, and building staff should be on the lookout for?
Signs of Structural Damage

Every municipality has its own schedule and criteria for exterior building inspections and upkeep - but in between official visits, boards, managers, and association staff can and should keep an eye out for some of the telltale signs of str…

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Maintenance DOB Announces FISP Amnesty Program
DOB Announces FISP Amnesty Program

The New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) has announced an Amnesty Program for owners of buildings who failed to file a Facade Inspection Safety Program (FISP) report in the 8th Cycle, which ended on February 21, 2020. While most …

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Maintenance Upgrading Common Areas to Fight COVID-19
Upgrading Common Areas to Fight COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is a once-in-a-century event (at least we hope so!) that has changed the way we work, play and live our lives in general. For residents of co-ops, condos, and HOAs with shared amenities, or where many common areas are …

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Maintenance DOB Announces Amnesty for FISP Inspections
DOB Announces Amnesty for FISP Inspections

Editor’s Note: During this crisis, The Cooperator family of publications will be passing along information, tips, and FAQs submitted by our network of industry professionals, including attorneys, managers, and other subject matter experts. …

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Exterior When Interior Renovations Become Exterior Issues
2020 April When Interior Renovations Become Exterior Issues

The proliferation of new luxury condos in New York and other dense metropolitan areas has upped the ante on amenities and in-house services that buyers have come to expect, including high-end finishes and modern conveniences ready for immed…

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Maintenance Multifamily Cleaning & Hygiene Tips
March 20, 2020 Multifamily Cleaning & Hygiene Tips

Editor's Note: To help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in your building or association, procedures and supplies should be in place to encourage proper personal hygiene, as well as routine cleaning and disinfection of high-risk locations. T…

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Maintenance Maintaining Air Quality
Maintaining Air Quality

Any time you have hundreds or even thousands of people living in close quarters – in a multifamily co-op or condo building, say – certain challenges inevitably will arise. One of the bigger ones is how to maintain the flow of fresh, hygieni…

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Exterior What are the main factors contributing to window deterioration?
Window Deterioration

If the eyes are windows to the soul, then windows are the soul of your building. Clean, functional, well-insulated windows are crucial to not just the look of your building (both inside and out), but to controlling energy costs as well. Whe…

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Maintenance The SHIELD Act

Last summer, Governor Cuomo signed into law the Stop Hacks and Improve Electronic Data Security (SHIELD) Act, which requires all businesses and organizations in possession of electronic personal information about any resident of New York St…

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Exterior What are the implications of Local Law 97, and how do they affect multifamily buildings?
Local Law 97

Local Law 97 applies to buildings over 25,000 square-feet - including co-op and condo communities. In this short clip, learn how LL97 may impact your building, and find out what your board needs to do in order to be in compliance with it.  …

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