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Maintenance Managing Exterior Repair Projects
Managing Exterior Repair Projects

Leaks are a common problem in multifamily buildings, including co-ops and condominiums. It’s not unusual to see watermarks and dampness on plaster near or below interior widows, but since such infiltration usually stems from an issue on the…

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Maintenance Climate Change & Building Maintenance:
2020 November Climate Change & Building Maintenance:

As we know, climate change has far-ranging effects on everything from polar ice caps to coastal shorelines to expanding deserts around the world. The steadily warming planet also affects man-made structures, including the buildings we live …

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Maintenance Cleaning Through COVID
2020 November Cleaning Through COVID

Even though the world has been contending with COVID-19 and its consequences for nine months and counting, the routines and practices we’ve adopted to prevent its spread and minimize personal risk of infection are still evolving. With new d…

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Maintenance Dealing With Construction Damage
Dealing With Construction Damage

Now that the official ‘pause’ on construction has been lifted, more and more construction projects stopped by the onset of the pandemic will be starting - or finishing up. Possibly complicating this shift is the fact that there is a new rou…

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Maintenance Seasonal Pests
Seasonal Pests

Whether in a single-family home or an apartment building, every homeowner has experienced that moment: he or she turns on the kitchen light in the middle of the night to see a huge water bug scurry across the counter, or hear the sound of t…

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Maintenance Signs of Structural Damage
Signs of Structural Damage

Every municipality has its own schedule and criteria for exterior building inspections and upkeep - but in between official visits, boards, managers, and association staff can and should keep an eye out for some of the telltale signs of str…

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Maintenance DOB Announces FISP Amnesty Program
DOB Announces FISP Amnesty Program

The New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) has announced an Amnesty Program for owners of buildings who failed to file a Facade Inspection Safety Program (FISP) report in the 8th Cycle, which ended on February 21, 2020. While most …

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Maintenance Upgrading Common Areas to Fight COVID-19
Upgrading Common Areas to Fight COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is a once-in-a-century event (at least we hope so!) that has changed the way we work, play and live our lives in general. For residents of co-ops, condos, and HOAs with shared amenities, or where many common areas are …

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Maintenance DOB Announces Amnesty for FISP Inspections
DOB Announces Amnesty for FISP Inspections

Editor’s Note: During this crisis, The Cooperator family of publications will be passing along information, tips, and FAQs submitted by our network of industry professionals, including attorneys, managers, and other subject matter experts. …

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