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Exterior Major Building Construction Projects
Major Building Construction Projects

Most buildings will have to undergo some kind of exterior or facade-related work at some point in their useful lives - it's inevitable. But sometimes those projects can be noisy, dusty, and disruptive to not just the building being worked o…

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Exterior DOB Expedites New Façade Inspection Rules
DOB Expedites New Façade Inspection Rules

After 60-year-old architect Erica Tishman was tragically killed the week before Christmas by loose material falling from a building façade near Times Square, the New York Department of Buildings (DOB) is expediting changes to its façade ins…

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Maintenance Assessing Your Building's Fire Safety Needs
Assessing Your Building's Fire Safety Needs

Of all the duties of boards and managers, the safety of residents and their property is paramount. One crucial component of maintaining that safety is a fire-prevention plan that's thorough, functional, and up-to-date. In this clip, fire pr…

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Maintenance Fireplace Safety and Maintenance
2019 November Fireplace Safety and Maintenance

Some lucky New Yorkers can come home from work on a cold winter’s night and warm their feet by a roaring fire while drinking a hot toddy. A working fireplace is a coveted amenity for many, adding a dash of vintage charm to prewar apartments…

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Maintenance Maintaining Air Quality
2019 November Maintaining Air Quality

Any time you have hundreds or even thousands of people living in close quarters – in a multifamily co-op or condo building, say – certain challenges inevitably will arise. One of the bigger ones is how to maintain the flow of fresh, hygieni…

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Maintenance Elevator Refurbishment
2019 November Elevator Refurbishment

No matter how well constructed and carefully maintained, no mechanical system lasts forever – and that goes for elevator cabs and equipment just as much as it applies to roofs or boilers. At some point, your building’s vertical transportati…

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Exterior Glass vs. Masonry
Glass vs. Masonry

Over the past two decades, New Yorkers have become increasingly used to seeing tall, reflective, glass residential towers rise over the cityscape, even in neighborhoods that have been bastions of the world-class architecture that gives the …

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