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Board Member 101 Boards' Biggest Insurance Blunders
Boards' Biggest Insurance Blunders

Compared to rowdy annual meetings or catastrophic plumbing leaks, insurance may not seem like the most exciting aspect of serving on one's co-op or condo board. But neglect it at your peril! Mishandling claims - whether deliberately or acci…

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Board Member 101 Energy Procurement Resources
Energy Procurement Resources

Even seasoned co-op, condo, and HOA board members can find themselves at a loss when it comes to the complex business of energy procurement. In this short video, an industry pro give a few tips on where boards (and managers) can go to learn…

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Board Member 101 The Reality for Board Volunteers
The Reality for Board Volunteers

Co-op and condo owners often make assumptions about who can serve on the board of their corporation or association -- and one of those assumptions is that any owner of shares in a co-op, or a unit owner in a condominium is eligible to run f…

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Board Member 101 Let's Talk Board Resources
Let's Talk Board Resources

Whether you're a board member in a New York City high-rise or a sprawling HOA in suburban Chicagoland or New Jersey, there are organizations out there that can help you and your fellow community administrators be more effective, efficient, …

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Board Member 101 Help Us Help You
Help Us Help You

Serving on your building or HOA's board isn't easy -- particularly if your background is short on administrative experience. In this clip, some industry pros who work with boards every day give us some insight into what they wish more board…

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Board Member 101 So You Want to Serve on the Board
So You Want to Serve on the Board

New York was a city of renters until the mid-1970’s, when the trend towards  co-op and condominium ownership began.  Prior to that, most residents chose to live here because it was the Big Apple and for the anonymity it afforded.  Unlike sm…

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Board Member 101 The Board Generation
The Board Generation

Given that a condominium or co-op board is charged with representing the interests of a diverse group of homeowners or shareholders, it follows that boards themselves should embody the diversity of their resident population. In New York Cit…

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