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When a Board Goes Bad

Board responsiveness and transparency are critical components in the good governance of co-op, condo and HOA communities. It’s the responsibility of the board and its members to act on behalf of the community - a legal obligation known as f…

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Access Agreements

With safety and environmental regulations on the increase, co-op and condo communities in New York City face a growing slate of compliance work that must be completed in a timely manner in order to avoid fines and other costly penalties. Of…

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2022 August Onboarding New Board Members

At the heart of co-op and condo living is the association or corporation board, that unique self-governing body that directs the community and carries out its mission to uphold quality of life and preserve the investment of its members. Boa…

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2022 July The Impact of Litigation in Co-ops & Condos

Americans are a particularly litigious lot, believing as many of us do that we are endowed with the inalienable right to life, liberty…and the pursuit of recompense for any slight or wrong done to us, real or perceived. This tendency is unf…

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