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New Garage Inspection Requirements

A new NYC law will place yet another inspection requirement on co-op and condo communities with parking facilities on their premises. Known as Local Law 126/2021, the measure is only the latest in a long and growing string of ordinances pas…

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2023 February Continuity & Transfer of Power

Among the keys to successful governance of residential communities is continuity.  The most basic of democratically elected units, co-op, condo, and HOA boards are the custodians of their community’s welfare, success, and continued operatio…

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On The Board Man at hiring company smile for interview, with manager or boss to join team of workers. Young professional male in group of people, for job recruitment at business or office for growth in career.
2023 February Hiring Building Staff & Professionals

It’s been said that it takes a village to raise a child. It can take nearly that much to run a multifamily building as well, even a small one. Residential communities require the services of a wide array of employees and professionals, rang…

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Board Operations A graduated stack of wooden blocks showing different safety-related icons with a red block reading SAFETY at the top
2023 January Safety Inspections

Whether living in a crowded high-rise or a sprawling suburban community, when it comes to condos, co-ops and homeowners’ associations, safety is paramount. From management to the board to fellow residents, it falls to everyone to show conce…

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On The Board Holiday Tipping Etiquette
Holiday Tipping Etiquette

At this time of year, it’s customary (and just good manners) to show your appreciation for the work your building or association staff does for you and your neighbors by giving year-end holiday tips—but how much to give, and how to give it …

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Board Operations Rear view of security system operator looking at CCTV footage at desk in office
2022 December Surveillance in Buildings & HOAS

In 2017, a Boston couple were brutally murdered in their penthouse apartment in a high-end condominium building. The murderer, the former employee of a company that supplied concierge services to the condo, had worked there, and so knew the…

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