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Insurance Filing an Insurance Claim vs. Settling
2007 Aug Filing an Insurance Claim vs. Settling

Sometimes bad things happen to good buildings. It's just a fact of life. And sometimes, bad things happen to good buildings with an unforeseeable and unavoidable frequency. That is also a fact of life. Usually, when those bad things happen,…

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Insurance Reducing Liability in a Co-op or Condo
2007 Aug Reducing Liability in a Co-op or Condo

Insurance can be a hassle to deal with when it comes to your property, but failing to pay attention to the details of your policy could cost you money now and in the future. Knowing the specifics of your building's insurance policy, and als…

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Insurance Unusual Insurance Claims
2007 Aug Unusual Insurance Claims

The world of insurance, although not necessarily simple, is usually cut and dry, not the stuff of excitement. While condos and co-ops have insurance for the common areas like roofs, stairways, lobbies and often the apartments as well, th…

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Insurance Getting Dumped By Your Insurance Company
2007 Aug Getting Dumped By Your Insurance Company

Simply put, insurance equals protection. Insurance will help protect your investment if your building is damaged or destroyed by fire or other causes. Public liability coverage will protect you if someone is hurt in the building and sues yo…

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Insurance The Value of Homeowners Insurance
2006 Aug The Value of Homeowners Insurance

For many people, their home is their greatest asset. Yet studies show that 59 percent of today’s homes are underinsured by an average of 22 percent. To protect their investment this hurricane season, homeowners should update their insura…

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Insurance The Course of a Claim
2006 Aug The Course of a Claim

Any number of things can set off an insurance claim in a co-op or condo building. Someone can slip and fall in the lobby; there can be aesthetic damage from a construction project, or a leaky roof can cause major water damage— sometime…

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Insurance Deconstructing Insurance
2006 Aug Deconstructing Insurance

Insurance sounds like a simple concept: you pay a premium to your insurer, and then when you file a claim, your insurer pays you. Simple. Insuring a co-op or condo building shouldn’t be much different than insuring yourself—just on a b…

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Insurance How Safe Are You?
2006 Aug How Safe Are You?

Since they were first built, apartment buildings have been insured for disasters and unforeseen circumstances—the things nobody ever wants to happen, but has to admit are possible. Things like fires, floods, earthquakes and so on. In t…

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Insurance Insurance Products
2006 Aug Insurance Products

Having insurance means having financial protection—protection from being financially crippled by having to pay excessive costs to rebuild a life or a home—or a whole building—when tragedy strikes. Just as individual homeowners h…

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