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Insurance The Earliest Apartments
2004 Aug The Earliest Apartments

The earliest apartments in New York City contained most of the elements of a private house, though often assembled in a manner far from functional. Service spaces in particular were seldom arranged or designed to save the time and energy o…

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Insurance Caution--Wet Floor
2004 Aug Caution--Wet Floor

For building boards, management companies, shareholders, and unit owners, the issue of insurance often becomes complicated: how much insurance - and of what kind - does one's building, or even a shareholder/tenant, need? Is there such a th…

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Insurance Co-op Insurance 101
2004 Aug Co-op Insurance 101

General Liability Coverage for an insured's negligent acts or omissions that cause personal or bodily injury to another person or damage to another's property. As loss ratios climb and new legislation like sidewalk liability and lead p…

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Insurance Creating Your Insurance Profile
2004 Aug Creating Your Insurance Profile

A lot of factors go into determining the extent and cost of a building's insurance coverage: replacement cost, location, number of units, and claims history top of the list, but on closer inspection, there are plenty of ways to better posi…

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Insurance Vive La Difference
2003 Aug Vive La Difference

If an electrical fire destroys your newly renovated kitchen, will your co-op pay to replace your space-age stove and slate countertops? If a pipe bursts in your condo and your $10,000 wallpaper is ruined, who pays to fix it? The answers to…

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Insurance The Issue of Coverage
2003 Aug The Issue of Coverage

After the terror attacks of 2001, many co-op and condo buildings in the New York area got another nasty shock: insurance premiums suddenly spiraled upward as much as 50 percent or more in the space of one or two billing periods. Some build…

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Insurance Guarding Home and Hearth
2003 Aug Guarding Home and Hearth

You live in a doorman building on the Upper East Side - your building has a health club, a concierge, and an attentive board/management team that keeps everything running smoothly, 24/7. With what you're paying in monthly maintenance, you …

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Insurance Keeping It Covered
2003 Aug Keeping It Covered

The ads fill the television airwaves each day. Dozens of lawyers encouraging injured parties to sue and collect their claims. It's there on the street, too; every time someone slips or falls in front of a building, there's that look of pan…

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Insurance Protecting Home and Hearth
2002 Aug Protecting Home and Hearth

It's every homeowner's worst nightmare: you come home from work to find your apartment flooded, or your building smoldering from a kitchen fire that got out of control. After the initial trauma, there could be worse shocks in store if y…

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Insurance Covering All the Bases
2002 Aug Covering All the Bases

Accidents happen. Things go wrong. It's a simple fact of life. And sometimes the only course of action is simply to protect against the consequences. Liability insurance takes the sting out of the unknown, creating a safety net for those w…

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