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Insurance Pure Premium
2006 Aug Pure Premium

In 2001, the Amalgamated Houses co-op in the Bronx paid $287,000 in insurance premiums. The following June, when the existing policy terminated, the yearly tab rose to a staggering $427,000—an increase of almost 50 percent. And wasn’t …

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Insurance Good Neighbors
2005 Aug Good Neighbors

Many co-op and condo buildings rent out their ground-floor space to commercial tenants—retail shops, restaurants, grocery stores, doctor’s offices, and so forth. While the commercial/residential arrangement has many benefits on both side…

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Insurance Insurance and Mold Litigation
2005 Aug Insurance and Mold Litigation

Insurance and Mold Litigation A Toxic Pill to Swallow By Alan R. Lyons and Mary Ellen Shuttleworth While panic and alarm are not warranted, the time is now for real estate owners, developers, lenders and borrowers to…

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Insurance Are You Covered?
2005 Aug Are You Covered?

Every right-thinking homeowner knows that carrying the proper insurance is a vital part of owning a home. For most people, buying a home is the biggest financial investment they will ever make—especially in today’s high-priced market, an…

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Insurance Limiting D&O Exposure
2005 Aug Limiting D&O Exposure

It’s important for cooperative corporations to have enough insurance to cover any unexpected problems that may arise, and one of the most crucial policies in any corporation’s insurance portfolio is directors and officers insurance, mo…

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Insurance Specialty Insurance
2005 Aug Specialty Insurance

When it comes to insuring a co-op or condominium community, a belt-and-suspenders philosophy could prove the safest – and perhaps, most advantageous – choice. Getting that extra coverage means going beyond the basics of property and li…

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Insurance Filling the Gaps
2005 Apr Filling the Gaps

By now, you have already heard about the "dramatic" changes in the Directors & Officers insurance marketplace. You have also most likely heard about the increasing number of lawsuits against directors and officers, and why associations …

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Insurance Directors & Officers Liability
2004 Aug Directors & Officers Liability

Do you sit on the board of your condo or co-op? If you do, are you sure that you and your personal assets are adequately protected when the board of directors and the association are sued? Most of us want to do the right thing, and ma…

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Insurance Risk Purchasing Groups
2004 Aug Risk Purchasing Groups

There is power in numbers, as the old saying goes - and that goes double for co-ops and condo buildings that are pooling their collective resources to reduce insurance costs under an umbrella known as a Risk Purchasing Group. The idea…

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Insurance Central Park Best
2004 Aug Central Park Best

Their towers and turrets loom over the treetops on Central Park's west side, casting long shadows over joggers, sunbathers, and dog walkers in the park below. They're some of the most impressive, most historically significant apartment buil…

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