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Buying & Selling Ten Steps to a Smooth Closing
1999 Apr Ten Steps to a Smooth Closing

Congratulations! You've either found that perfect and your offer has been accepted, or you've identified a purchaser who has agreed to your sales price. Your application has been approved and now you're ready to proceed with the sales trans…

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Neighborhoods Cover Story: Riverside South
1999 Feb Cover Story: Riverside South

Looking for a luxury condo with breathtaking views of the Hudson River? Want to buy a home loaded with amenities that's within walking distance of Lincoln Center and other Upper West Side hot spots? You're in luck. In October, the 15th floo…

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Buying & Selling Choosing A Broker
1999 Dec/Jan Choosing A Broker

After 20 years in an English Tudor in Westchester's Pelham, Bobbi and Warner Burke decided it was time to "wake up in the heart of Manhattan. We wanted chaos, color and vibrancy where we lived," says Bobbi. Without any leads for brokers,…

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Buying & Selling Your Real Estate Broker
1997 Nov Your Real Estate Broker

You've been working with a real estate broker and finallyafter seeing a dizzying array of apart- mentsyou've narrowed down your search to two beautiful co-ops in two very different but equally fabulous neighborhoods. You and your husband …

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Buying & Selling Commercial Tenants
1997 Oct Commercial Tenants

If you're shopping for a new co-op or condo, it's a good idea to get a sense of who your neighbors would be before you make a decision to buy. The wrong neighbors could lower the value of your real estate investment and, if you're sublett…

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Buying & Selling Getting Unit Financing
1997 Jul/Aug Getting Unit Financing

You've found your dream home at last. However, you don't have those hundreds of thousands stashed away to pay for your new co-op or condo in cash. What do you do? Like most new home buyers, you apply for a mortgage. But as an individual y…

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Buying & Selling Been Through Buying Hell?
1997 May Been Through Buying Hell?

If you've just moved to a new co-op or condo, you probably feel as though you've been through a living hell. For several agonizing months, you and your trusty broker have schlepped from apartment to apartment in an endless, overwhelming s…

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