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Real Estate Trends Survey Says!
2000 Aug Survey Says!

Manhattan’s Upper East Side, at least in the prime real estate areas, is chock-full of parks and greenery, but lacks a convenient subway line. Wall Street area residents, on the other hand, have great subway accessibility–but not much of an…

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Buying & Selling Douglas Elliman
2000 Jul Douglas Elliman

Chinese lamps, leather chairs and carpeting reminiscent of the orient set the mood of subtle elegance in the lobby of Douglas Elliman’s executive offices. Company publications, Treasury of Fine Homes and Folio of Fine Homes, are set out for…

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Buying & Selling Caveat Emptor
2000 Jul Caveat Emptor

Real estate in the New York Metropolitan area is hot. Ask any broker and they will tell you that their job is getting more and more difficult because there is simply no supply. Many sellers are having a hard time committing to a sale becaus…

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Neighborhoods Operation: DUMBO
2000 Jul Operation: DUMBO

Literally a pebble’s throw from Lower Manhattan, Brooklyn’s DUMBO is one of the most exciting and happening growth areas in the city. An acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, it is an area roughly bounded by the Manhattan…

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Buying & Selling Stribling & Associates
2000 Jun Stribling & Associates

A full pane of glass fronts the Madison Avenue townhouse office of Stribling & Associates, a luxury residential real estate brokerage firm. Four ornate gold frames hang museum-style in the window and the pictures inside feature large, luxur…

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Buying & Selling James Ferrari, Model Broker
2000 Apr James Ferrari, Model Broker

The offices of Benjamin James Associates, a 60-broker real estate firm in downtown Manhattan, look nothing like the typical brokerage firms dotting the city. No signs outside the old Broadway office building near Union Square announce the p…

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Real Estate Trends A New Millennium or More of the Same?
2000 Mar A New Millennium or More of the Same?

In the final years of the 20th Century, buyers of Manhattan residential real estate faced the Herculean task of facing the capital gains tax law, which eliminated the "rollover" of capital gains from the sale of one primary residence to the…

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Buying & Selling Tech Effects
2000 Mar Tech Effects

It wasn’t so long ago that most New York City real estate professionals disdained all electronic devices. Sage advice dictated that nothing would replace the face-to-face or voice-to-voice relationship between buyer and broker and seller an…

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Real Estate Trends Round-Up of 1990's
2000 Mar Round-Up of 1990's

By all accounts, 1999 was a banner year for New York real estate. On virtually all fronts, 1999 broke all previous records both in the market in general, and here at William B. May. Prices at every level have increased. Large apartments wer…

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