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Real Estate Trends Cross-Country Real Estate
2001 Mar Cross-Country Real Estate

The new millennium has taken the real estate industry for a pretty wild ride. Nothing but up, up and away have gone prices, with inventory availability down to a severe low, keeping it interesting. Yet real estate is a still hot commodity…a…

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Organizations National Cooperative Bank
2001 Feb National Cooperative Bank

Kings Village Corp. had mounting financial challenges. At the start of 1999, this housing co-op, one of the largest in Brooklyn, had more than half of its 777 apartments unsold. And of those, 75 were vacant. In fact, for five years, there h…

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Neighborhoods Central Park North and Harlem
2001 Dec/Jan Central Park North and Harlem

Real estate brokers and developers have seen sales of condos and co-ops on Central Park North and in Harlem take off in the past year. On Christmas Eve of 1999, Saadia Lynch, a broker with Bellmarc Realty, a residential real estate brokerag…

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Organizations The Argo Corporation
2000 Nov The Argo Corporation

The Argo Corporation began its operations in 1951, when Henry Moskowitz, father of the firm’s current president and chief executive officer Mark, began purchasing properties on the Upper West Side by forming syndications with other real est…

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Real Estate Trends Is it Really a Trend?
2000 Nov Is it Really a Trend?

From the outside, it’s impossible to tell a co-op from a condo–there’s no physical difference between the two. However, as more and more are considering the concept of co-op to condo conversion, real questions about its possible benefits an…

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Real Estate Trends Hot Enough For You?
2000 Nov Hot Enough For You?

The following is the text of a speech Adrienne Albert, president of Manhattan real estate brokerage firm The Marketing Directors, gave at the monthly luncheon meeting of Associated Builders and Owners this past September. I was aske…

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Organizations Brown Harris Stevens
2000 Oct Brown Harris Stevens

The reputable full-service real estate firm Brown Harris Stevens has its roots in residential and commercial real estate appraisal. It was at the forefront of management and sales during the early 1920s and 1930s when the original grand co-…

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Neighborhoods SoHo Sophisticated
2000 Oct SoHo Sophisticated

English author Samuel Johnson once claimed that when a man tires of London, he is tired of life. The same could be said of SoHo. Nestled alongside Greenwich Village, Little Italy and Tribeca, SoHo has long held a reputation as New York’s ar…

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Buying & Selling House Hunting in the City
2000 Oct House Hunting in the City

As parents we strive to create the perfect home for our children. A place of solitude, refuge–a place to call home. A place where our children can play freely in the backyard; a place where they can socialize and grow with other children; a…

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Neighborhoods Alphabet City
2000 Sep Alphabet City

In a city humming with real estate development projects, one area showing great promise is now poised for explosive growth. Alphabet City, the eastern-most stretch of Manhattan’s East Village, is the new frontier for development that is pus…

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