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Buying & Selling The Purchasing Journey
2001 May The Purchasing Journey

The following article is an excerpt from The Ultimate Guide to Buying and Selling Co-ops and Condos in New York City, a book I wrote that was designed to be the ultimate guide: a good overview of what you need to know about buying and selli…

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Neighborhoods Brooklyn's Gold Coast
2001 May Brooklyn's Gold Coast

There will always be those who insist that if they can’t live in Manhattan, they would rather not live in New York City at all. They feel that Manhattan is the one true New York and that the outer boroughs are remote hinterlands barely fit …

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Neighborhoods Chelsea Chic
2001 Apr Chelsea Chic

"When my building at 15th Street and Seventh Avenue was built in 1980," says Jarvis Irving, a Chelsea resident for the past 23 years, "it was marketed as ‘Greenwich Village North.’ Nowadays, people wouldn’t miss the opportunity of saying th…

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Organizations The Supers Club of New York
2001 Apr The Supers Club of New York

When Dick Koral, created "Los Sures" in the early ‘90s, the seed was planted for the Superintendents Club of New York, a technical society to serve New York’s multifamily building maintenance personnel. Los Sures (translated "the south…

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Neighborhoods Peculiar Allure
2001 Mar Peculiar Allure

"We’ve lived in this neighborhood for 17 years," says Bob Berkow, a Clinton resident and co-op owner at the 48-unit Piano Factory at 454 West 46th Street. The Piano Factory was originally built as Wessell, Nickel & Gross Company in 1888, a …

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Buying & Selling Asking for Trouble?
2001 Mar Asking for Trouble?

In real estate, they say the three most important things to consider are location, location, location. What about when you move from one piece of real estate to another? Moving out of your home and into a new one can be traumatic, but, says…

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Buying & Selling Start Your Engines!
2001 Mar Start Your Engines!

In Manhattan’s real estate market, consumers are hungry for efficient ways to find that elusive perfect apartment. Today, more than ever before, choices abound from the Web sites of individual brokerage firms to sites which feature compilat…

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Real Estate Trends Residential Forecast
2001 Mar Residential Forecast

No market can continue to sustain the astonishingly high prices that New York cooperatives and condominiums brought last year. The moderation of prices we are experiencing in 2001 represents a return to a more rational marketplace in which …

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Real Estate Trends Cross-Country Real Estate
2001 Mar Cross-Country Real Estate

The new millennium has taken the real estate industry for a pretty wild ride. Nothing but up, up and away have gone prices, with inventory availability down to a severe low, keeping it interesting. Yet real estate is a still hot commodity…a…

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Organizations National Cooperative Bank
2001 Feb National Cooperative Bank

Kings Village Corp. had mounting financial challenges. At the start of 1999, this housing co-op, one of the largest in Brooklyn, had more than half of its 777 apartments unsold. And of those, 75 were vacant. In fact, for five years, there h…

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