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Buildings A Tale of Two Co-ops
A Tale of Two Co-ops

Housing Development Fund Corporation (HDFC) co-ops are an important and unique segment of the New York housing market that many fellow co-op shareholders are unaware of. Those who do know of the program are often familiar with it only from …

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Buildings Multifamily Laundry Technology
Multifamily Laundry Technology

If you're not fortunate enough to have a washer/dryer in your apartment, the next best thing is a communal laundry room -- and those facilities have come a very long way since the days of bleak, fluorescent-lit basement spaces with a couple…

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Buildings Recycling Better
Recycling Better

Unless it wants to face the wrath of the law  (i.e., a fine of up to several hundred dollars), every residential building in New York City must recycle . While the bar for doing the bare minimum is quite easy to clear, dedication to and…

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Buildings Tracking the Footprint of Carbon12
Tracking the Footprint of Carbon12

When one thinks of a wooden domicile, the log cabin might come to mind, or even the treehouse in which one may have spent hours as a youth. But rarely do “wood” and “high-rise condominium development” overlap in the popular imagination. De…

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