Two More NYC Condo Buildings to Dump 'Trump' Sign Owners Vote to Remove 'Trump Place' From Facade

Two More NYC Condo Buildings to Dump 'Trump' Sign
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Updated 2/25/19

In one week alone, two New York City condo buildings will be going 'Trump'-less, another indication of President Donald Trump's unpopularity in his home state. 

The Washington Post reported that the residents at 220 Riverside Boulevard voted to remove the large gold letters spelling out 'Trump Place' from their building on February 22, based on an email sent by the board and obtained by the paper. It read in part: “Of the 83 percent [that] voted, 74.7 percent voted to remove the signage, and 25.3 percent voted not to remove the signage." The board said it will choose a company to take down the lettering.

220 Riverside's decision makes it the latest of six New York City buildings to remove its 'Trump Place' signage, said Rolling Stone.

According to the Post's report, the Trump Organization won't take a financial hit from 220 Riverside's vote, as the company remains contracted to manage building

The Trump Organization and 220 Riverside's condo board offered no comment to the Post about the recent vote.  

Just a day before and right down the street, 55 percent of the owners at 120 Riverside Boulevard also voted to take the 'Trump Place' sign off of their building's facade, the Post reported on February 21. The move followed other buildings that have taken steps to disassociate themselves from the Trump name following the 2016 presidential election.

The decision by 120 Riverside was announced in an email from the condo board addressed to the residents. “Accordingly, arrangements are being made to have the ‘Trump Place’ signage removed from the building facade,” it read.

Last October, 200 Riverside Boulevard also took down its 'Trump Place' sign following that building's fight with the Trump Organization over a previous licensing agreement. A judge in that case had earlier ruled that the owners did not have “to use the identification 'Trump' on the facade of the premises according to the agreement, The New York Times reported.

In addition to the Riverside Boulevard condos, other buildings have extricated themselves from using Trump's name, including hotels in New York's SoHo, Panama City, and Toronto.

David Chiu is an associate editor at The Cooperator. 

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