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Organizations Building Community and Value
2006 Oct Building Community and Value

One visit to Great Neck and it’s not hard to figure out why it’s become such a desirable neighborhood to live in. The first Nassau County town you reach driving east out of New York City, Great Neck offers scenic waterfront views, proxim…

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Organizations Growing the Green Apple
2006 Sep Growing the Green Apple

When people think of New York City, they tend to think of things like Times Square, The Empire State Building, and Broadway—sparkly icons of the Big Apple. What most people don’t think of when they think of the city is green spaces. Sure…

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Organizations A One-Stop Resource
2006 Aug A One-Stop Resource

Individuals and companies all need to be properly covered by insurance but the wide variety of choices can make obtaining that coverage a daunting process. To help buildings and companies make the best choice with minimal hassle, the I…

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Organizations The Color of Money
2006 Jul The Color of Money

All of the city services that co-op and condo owners enjoy come with a price and the agency that is generally the keeper of those very large purse strings is the New York City Department of Finance. Finance is empowered to collec…

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Organizations The Building People
2006 Apr The Building People

Anyone who has ever gazed at the Manhattan skyline knows how much architecture has shaped the heart of New York City. It’s no surprise then that the New York Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA New York) has grown into…

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Organizations Darkness Comes to Life
2005 Dec Darkness Comes to Life

In 1932, when Josephine Baldizzi was six, her mother Rosaria, used to bathe her in the kitchen’s slop sink in their five-story walkup tenement building at 97 Orchard Street. On her walk to school, she wore her father Adolfo’s size 9 sh…

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Organizations The Fine Blue Line
2005 Dec The Fine Blue Line

When the Dutch settled in what was then called “New Amsterdam,” a man named Johann Lampo patrolled the trails and paths of the area, keeping the peace and watching for fires. Little did Lampo know that he was the first in a long, honor…

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Organizations A Super Club
2005 Nov A Super Club

Nearly every residential building in the city has one—they’re an integral part of all your building systems, a direct line of communication between your residents, your manager, and your board. They’re on-call 24 hours a day, seven day…

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Organizations A Tree With Many Branches
2005 Oct A Tree With Many Branches

They say that it takes a village to raise a child. If that’s true, then it takes even more than that to keep the thousands of New York City co-ops and condominium building communities solvent, harmonious, and informed. With all its poten…

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Organizations The Mayor’s Anti-Graffiti Task Force
2005 Sep The Mayor’s Anti-Graffiti Task Force

Just about anyone who lived in or visited New York City in the 1980s or early ‘90s probably has vivid recollections of how the city looked back then. The streets were dirty, whole neighborhoods were “off-limits” to anybody who wasn’t l…

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