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Organizations New York State Bar Association
2007 Jun New York State Bar Association

With some 72,000 members, the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) is the largest voluntary statewide association of lawyers in the country, and the official organization of legal practitioners in the state. While more than half i…

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Organizations The Cooperator's Co-op & Condo Expo
2007 Apr The Cooperator's Co-op & Condo Expo

As the trees start greening and the last dregs of winter ice and slush melt away, it's once more time to turn our collective attention to The Cooperator's annual Co-op & Condo Expo—to be held this year on Wednesday, April 25th on three floo…

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Organizations Rock of Ages
2007 Mar Rock of Ages

In an age of tinted-glass curtain walls, floor-to-ceiling windows, and ubiquitous vinyl siding, it may be comforting to know that the granddaddy of all building materials—natural stone, quarried from the earth and hewn by hand in some cases…

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Organizations Maintaining Housing Diversity
2007 Feb Maintaining Housing Diversity

In 1974, a group of New York City residents banded together to preserve affordable housing in the city and the push resulted in the creation of the advocacy group, Tenants & Neighbors. Since that time the nonprofit group has been working…

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Organizations Retrofit and Reduce
2007 Jan Retrofit and Reduce

There is a tendency among many co-op boards, building managers and developers to consider “green” building technologies as extras—or as luxuries that have nothing to do with their need to reduce costs. That kind of thinking is so …

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Organizations Communication and Optimism
2007 Jan Communication and Optimism

There was a time when many of the city’s key resident management/superintendent associations didn’t communicate much. The Manhattan Resident Managers Club, Inc., the Metropolitan Building Managers of New York, the Scandinavian-American B…

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Organizations Answering Westchester's Questions
2007 Jan Answering Westchester's Questions

Westchester County is known for, among other things, its grand, multi-million dollar mansions and historic homes found in its posh communities such as Scarsdale, Bronxville and Brewster. Many of these homes were built in the 1950s, when …

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Organizations There When it Matters
2006 Dec There When it Matters

On October 22, several hundred hurricane evacuees descended on Brooklyn’s New York City College of Technology. The school had been temporarily converted into an evacuation center, where refugees were screened before being sent to shelter…

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Organizations Knowing the Ropes
2006 Nov Knowing the Ropes

Helping veterans and newcomers alike to become certified accredited realty managers (ARMs), the New York Association of Realty Managers (NYARM) has been perfecting the skills of those in the field with their School of Property Management…

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