Inside the Department of Buildings Bureaus and Task Forces

 Inside the Department of Buildings

A number of smaller bureaus and special task forces operate under the control and guidance of the DOB. Some have direct contact with residents, while others interact primarily with contractors, tradespersons, and legal professionals.

Bureau of Electrical Control: Inspects electrical work for Code compliance (50,000 applications annually) and issues Certificates of Electrical Inspection for completed work. Investigates complaints regarding illegal work and unsafe conditions (2,500 annually). Issues violations for conditions contrary to code (11,000 annually). Collects filing and certification fees, and enters application, violation, and inspection activity data on its Electrical Inspection Control System (EICS).Building Enforcement Safety Team (BEST) Squad: Performs periodic safety inspections at major construction sites. Conducts inspections of private contractor demolitions in progress. Conducts targeted enforcement programs to meet priorities. Issues violations, summonses, and stop-work orders for conditions contrary to code. Night/Weekend Emergency Squad: Responds to emergency situations, such as collapses and fires that occur outside normal business hours.Quality of Life Team: Investigates complaints pertaining to "quality of life" issues, particularly zoning infractions and unauthorized work that creates illegal housing units. Cranes and Derricks: Reviews and approves prototype designs for all cranes and derricks used in New York City. Issues Certificates of Approval and Operation for individual cranes and derricks and reviews and approves site-specific plans for each use. Conducts annual inspections and site inspections of mobile cranes.Enforcement Operations: Processes and prosecutes violations issued for adjudication by the Environmental Control Board. Monitors compliance with local legislation, such as the Façade Law (Local Law 10/80). Prosecutes cases at the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings under the Padlock Law (Local Law 6/93). Investigations/Audits/Disciplinary Unit: Investigates complaints regarding employee conduct, performance, and integrity. Investigates allegations against unlicensed and licensed plumbers and electricians. Investigates architects, engineers, and expediters accused of abusing the department's filing privileges.

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