Communication and Optimism Managers Groups Usher In a New Era

There was a time when many of the city’s key resident management/superintendent associations didn’t communicate much. The Manhattan Resident Managers Club, Inc., the Metropolitan Building Managers of New York, the Scandinavian-American Building Managers Guild, the Superintendents Technical Association (STA), the New York Building Manager’s Association, and the Hibernia Provident Society got together about as often as Donald Trump and Billy Crystal sit in bleacher seats at Yankee Stadium, even though they share many of the same members.

But today, that’s changing. For the past six months—and for the first time that anybody can remember—all of these groups, at the executive level, have been talking shop with each other. They’re discussing things like professional certification, recruitment, and ideas about working together. They’re interested in solving problems and sharing information, and they’re working out the details over classic New York City slices at John’s Pizzeria at 64th Street and First Avenue on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Thanks in part to the efforts of Maria Vizzi of Indoor Environmental Solutions—a clean-air environmental company based in the Bronx—who was initially instrumental in organizing the informal conference, a new era of openness and cooperation between historically separate groups may be on the horizon.

A Long Overdue Meeting

The leaders of each group met informally in June, according to Vizzi, and are very interested in keeping the dialogue going. Another industry influence is Ed Morse, from the Hess Corporation. His interest in fostering good communication is one reason why he is receiving Associate Member of the Year award at the New York Association of Realty Managers (NYARM’s) upcoming Dinner Dance Gala on January 27th.

Speaking for the Manhattan Resident Managers Club, Inc., group president Mike MacGowan remarked that the confab was long overdue. McGowan is also being honored by NYARM—because of a strong emphasis on education—he is the group’s 2007 Resident Manager of the Year. The club, which was founded in 1980 and incorporated a year later, has 225 members who are resident managers and supers; 12 members who are managing agents, and 110 associate members who are contractors and vendors.

Al Suarez, president of the Scandinavian-American Building Managers Guild, also sees a strong need for the city’s building management and superintendent groups to work together. The guild, which was founded in 1934, and is one of the oldest clubs still in existence, has 130 members and is still growing, according to Suarez.


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