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Organizations Recognition, Credibility and Certification
2008 May Recognition, Credibility and Certification

With more and more people hanging out shingles as either interior design professionals—thanks partly to the popularity of television shows like Design on a Dime, Extreme Home Makeover and Trading Spaces—knowing who to hire for a job in y…

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Organizations The Department of City Planning
2008 April The Department of City Planning

Imagine the biggest three-dimensional puzzle you can. Now imagine fitting eight million people into this puzzle. Putting the pieces together takes more than just luck. It takes enormous skill, precision and foresight. Those are three att…

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Organizations Government on a Neighborly Basis
2008 April Government on a Neighborly Basis

New York City’s governing structure is complex for a metropolis of 8.2 million residents—it takes a lot of people in a lot of departments and organizations to keep the city running smoothly. Some of those people (the mayor, for instance)…

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Organizations No Typical Days Work
2008 April No Typical Days Work

Ask Scott Stringer to describe a typical day in his job as Manhattan Borough President and he’ll answer that there’s no such thing—and that’s the way he likes it. “I haven’t found one yet,” he says. “Part of what we’ve tried to do s…

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Organizations Keeping History Alive
2008 March Keeping History Alive

The Dakota. The San Remo. The Ansonia. Greenwich Village. Gramercy Park. DUMBO. New York City and its five boroughs are home to buildings and neighborhoods that are celebrities in their own right, and preserving the historic character an…

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Organizations CAI Long Island
2008 Feb CAI Long Island

Condominiums can provide all of the advantages of traditional homes, as well as affording other benefits such as recreational facilities, group activities and close proximity to shopping and other destination points. But the quasi-municipal…

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Organizations The Real Estate Board of New York
2008 Jan The Real Estate Board of New York

For most New Yorkers, the search for housing is the least favorite part of the New York experience. If the size is right, the price is wrong; if the price is right, the neighborhood's wrong. And then there's that hideous bathtub in the k…

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Organizations The Federation
2007 Oct The Federation

It's not exactly the United Federation of Planets of Star Trek lore, but The Federation of New York Housing Cooperatives and Condominiums (FNYHC) is an invaluable resource for members of the global housing cooperative and condominium com…

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Organizations The New York City Tree Trust
2007 Sept The New York City Tree Trust

Whether trees are categorically lovelier than poems, as Joyce Kilmer famously suggested, is a matter of debate. If pressed, I'll take Ode on a Grecian Urn over Charlie Brown's Yuletide entry any day of the week. New Yorkers will agree, h…

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Organizations A Look at the NYSSCPA
2007 Jul A Look at the NYSSCPA

As the oldest state accounting organization in the country, the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants (NYSSCPA) holds an iconic place in the numbers realm. With 16 chapters spread out across the state, from the Adirondac…

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