2013 October
Focus on... Board Operations

Board Operations High & Mighty
2013 October High & Mighty

There’s nothing worse than being a unit owner in a building and seeing someone on your board breaking a rule and seemingly getting away with it. Some board members believe that they are “above the law” so to speak, and seem to be ope…

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Board Operations Just One Big, Happy Family...?
2013 October Just One Big, Happy Family...?

Finding the right balance of involvement between HOAs and condo boards and residents can be like maintaining a healthy relationship with a significant other—you want to be compassionate, responsive and attentive, but not too needy, nosy or…

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Board Operations Meeting Minders
2013 October Meeting Minders

You may love your building. You may even love your neighbors and the members of your board. But there are few people who can say that they love their monthly board meetings or annual owner or shareholder meetings. That’s because these meet…

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Board Operations Dealing With the Disruptive
2013 October Dealing With the Disruptive

Living in a condo means putting up with certain occasional inconveniences: that curious odor emanating from the neighbor’s unit, the downstairs saxophone player who practices every Tuesday afternoon, or that one resident that insists at ev…

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Management Rules on Records
2013 October Rules on Records

It’s no secret that helping to run a board of directors or board of managers of a co-op or a condo association is quite often a thankless task. There are a lot of issues to take care of, and board members are strictly volunteers. While the…

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Management If They Only Knew...
2013 October If They Only Knew...

Someone once said that "People who say that small things don't bother them have never slept in a room with a mosquito." The truth is that there are little irritations—otherwise known as pet peeves—about a job, relationship, or other …

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Law & Legislation The Business Next Door
2013 October The Business Next Door

Many aspects of the American work landscape have changed radically in the last two decades. As the service and information economies have overtaken manufacturing and other more traditional forms of labor, the old 9-to-5, office-bound workd…

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Real Estate Trends Not the Norm
2013 October Not the Norm

Time was, a nice spacious condo unit with a good location, a decent view and several basic amenities like a laundry room, a doorman and a gym or pool were what New York City buyers wanted when they went home-shopping. However, as more buil…

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Real Estate Trends Trouble Boiling Over?
2013 October Trouble Boiling Over?

Modern cities are amazing creations, pulsing with life 24 hours a day, and built to cater to every need of residents. Take away just one of any city dweller’s basic necessities like plumbing, electricity or heating and air conditioning, th…

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Board Operations The Ruling Class
2013 October The Ruling Class

If your neighbor blasts his music during the weekends, do you have a right to complain to the management? Can you sublet a room in your co-op apartment to make some extra cash? How many unit owners have to be present at a meeting in order …

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Neighborhoods Washington Heights
2013 October Washington Heights

Manhattan dwellers desperate for a break from the constant buzzing of frenetic energy that surrounds the city—or just a little bit of elbow room—often look to Northern Manhattan as an escape from it all. Sure, Hamilton Heights or Inw…

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Law & Legislation Preventing Offensive Smoke Conditions
2013 October Preventing Offensive Smoke Conditions

To reduce their potential liability from secondhand smoke-related issues, condominium and cooperative boards and landlords or rental buildings can attempt to adopt rules and bylaws or lease terms that clearly address smoking issues. (Altho…

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Energy Conservation Energy Efficiency Improvements
2013 October Energy Efficiency Improvements

Let’s face it. Every multifamily or commercial building owner would like to substantially lower their utility costs. Prices for energy and water are projected to go nowhere but up in the future. When you start to factor in the new regulati…

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Maintenance Maintaining Steam Traps
2013 October Maintaining Steam Traps

If you want to catch mice the simple solution is to use a mouse trap. If the mouse trap does not work, and often they don't, then you have to find an alternate solution. One good solution is to get a natural predator of the mouse to assist…

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Q&A Q&A: A Problem Superintendent
2013 October Q&A: A Problem Superintendent

A Problem Superintendent Q I think we have the world’s worst super. I live in Queens. Our super doesn’t do repairs to any problem in the building. He farms out all projects to more expensive contractors. He always wants to be compen…

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Q&A Q&A: A Right to Inspect Books and Records
2013 October Q&A: A Right to Inspect Books and Records

For the past few years, the condominium board and management has denied me the right under our bylaws to audit and inspect the books of the condominium. What action, if any, can I take? —Concerned in Chelsea “Both New York law …

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