2003 Oct
Focus on... Board Operations

Board Operations Surviving the Rough Patches
2003 Oct Surviving the Rough Patches

Even among the closest friends, conflict is inevitable. It's no surprise then that the relationship between shareholders and boards can sometimes be contentious. Problems can range from small-scale squabbles to multi-million dollar lawsuit…

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Board Operations And the Winner Is...
2003 Oct And the Winner Is...

No matter how a building's governing documents are worded, co-ops and condos have to hold board elections at regular intervals. More importantly, every effort must be made to let shareholders know when and where the elections will be held,…

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Board Operations Pullman, Six Months Out
2003 Oct Pullman, Six Months Out

In May, in a decision that has confused - and alarmed - some New York co-op shareholders, the New York Court of Appeals ruled that co-op boards had the right to apply the business judgment rule to vote so-called "objectionable tenants" ou…

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Board Operations When Owners Fall Behind
2003 Oct When Owners Fall Behind

A common problem facing condo associations, boards and managers is how to compel unit owners who fall behind in their common charges to pay their arrears. In a condominium association with only a few units, if even one unit owner falls beh…

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Design I Just Really Need Some Space Right Now
2003 Oct I Just Really Need Some Space Right Now

For much of his stand-up comedy career, humorist George Carlin has joked about "stuff." How much stuff we have, how much stuff we accumulate, and the often-insane ways we have of keeping track of - and losing - our stuff. Today's co-op an…

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Neighborhoods The Once-Forbidden City
2003 Oct The Once-Forbidden City

Of the many distinct neighborhoods in New York City, a select few have established their reputation to such a degree that they've become urban entities of literary proportion. Greenwich Village is one, Harlem is another. Manhattan's Chinat…

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Security Post 9/11 Security
2003 Oct Post 9/11 Security

After September 11th, one of the first things on most people's minds was beefing up security. Almost immediately, the presence of police and guards became much more visible in public places, and many buildings considered investing in tough…

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Maintenance Manpower vs. Machine
2003 Oct Manpower vs. Machine

Ever wonder what goes into getting rid of the garbage in your building, or what happens to the hundreds of bags we throw away every day? Probably not. But how well your building is equipped to process the tons of trash New Yorkers throw aw…

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Finance Helping Your Co-op or Condo
2003 Oct Helping Your Co-op or Condo

Navigating the finances and ensuring the fiscal stability of your cooperative corporation or condominium association has never been an easy task. Certainly, New York's residential community has been through some challenging times, and look…

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Design Fall Fashion Preview
2003 Oct Fall Fashion Preview

Looking back on the past summer, there is good news and bad news to report. The good news is that the rain gods have responded to our desperate rain dances after last year's prolonged drought - and the bad news is that someone, somewhere, …

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Organizations Housing Development Fund Corporations
2003 Oct Housing Development Fund Corporations

In order to get from one side of the Hudson River to the other, one would need to cross a bridge, get in a boat, or be able to jump a very long distance. Since not many people want to attempt the latter, most people utilize tools like brid…

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Interior The "Secret" of Interior Windows
2003 Oct The "Secret" of Interior Windows

Installing an interior window system can be like music to the ears of a typical shareholder or unit owner living in the city that never sleeps. The annoying inherent noises of the city - street, bus and truck traffic, sirens, car alarms, j…

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